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Synonyms for disinvest

deprive of status or authority

reduce or dispose of

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The parliamentary committee, after hearing the views of all stakeholders, "strongly feels that it will not be appropriate at this stage to disinvest when Air India has started earning profit from its operations.
Sjollema writes the part he knows about the World Council of Churches' Programme to Combat Racism, which became controversial when it called for multinational corporations to disinvest from South Africa and for banks to stop loaning to the apartheid regime.
ISLAMABAD -- Finance Minister Mohammad Ishaq Dar Tuesday directed the Privatization Commission to disinvest government's shares in HBL, power distribution companies (Discos) and other stateowned enterprises (SoEs) in a transparent manner after completion of due process.
On the scale -3 indicates a definite willingness to disinvest and +3 indicates definite willingness to invest, while zero signals that traders want to keep the situation at its present condition.
LV= has introduced Flexible Guarantee Funds which allow savers to disinvest, take income and switch to different investments as circumstances change.
Either way, there is the potential for a negative impact on the reputation of Wales within the business community, as well as a potential negative impact on Welsh GDP, if significant numbers of businesses thought the absence of a cap a sufficient disincentive to invest - or a reason to disinvest.
But he said that investors across the globe should now look to disinvest in bond markets and look to equity markets for growth in the medium term.
I think there's a moral duty to disinvest in tobacco and I would like ttish Parliaead in this.
Missing out on a recovery because you came out could prove costly and trying to pick the correct time to invest and disinvest is, at best, difficult.
To disinvest in this area would be a short-sighted, false economy.
Delegates at the annual Trades Union Congress (TUC) in Manchester, northwest England, voted unanimously to encourage unions and pension funds to disinvest from and boycott goods of firms they believed were profiting from settlements.
The Government will disinvest its stakes in Coal India Ltd, Power Grid Corporation, Hindustan Copper, Steel Authority of India and Manganese Ore India by March 2011, a top Government official said.
KARACHI, May 11 -- The Board of Directors of ORIX Leasing Pakistan Limited (OLP) approved on May 7, 2010 to disinvest its 7.
Once the occupation was over, when they had persuaded the Cardiff University to disinvest in the arms trade, the students went back to their studies.
WHEN Liverpool, St Helens and Knowsley councils voted to call on Merseyside Pension Fund to disinvest in arms companies, the pension fund management committee stated that it was their fiduciary duty that prevented them from complying.