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freedom from bias or from selfish motives

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"He came to Trantridge two or three years ago to preach on behalf of some missionary society; and I, wretched fellow that I was, insulted him when, in his disinterestedness, he tried to reason with me and show me the way.
But even this disinterestedness was attended with no inconsiderable cost, to my knowledge, for before Peepy was sufficiently decorated to walk hand in hand with the professor of deportment, he had to be newly dressed, at the expense of Caddy and her husband, from top to toe.
My sweet Catherine, in your generous heart I know it would signify nothing; but we must not expect such disinterestedness in many.
Quite a woman's letter, full of what people call tenderness, and disinterestedness, and heart, and all that sort of thing!'
But his wife's expostulations awoke his half-slumbering regrets; and Tom's manly disinterestedness increased the unpleasantness of his feelings.
Jaggers glanced at Joe, as if he considered him a fool for his disinterestedness. But I was too much bewildered between breathless curiosity and surprise, to be sure of it.
Your name is celebrated, your position magnificent; and then the Comte de Morcerf is a soldier, and it is pleasing to see the integrity of a Bayard united to the poverty of a Duguesclin; disinterestedness is the brightest ray in which a noble sword can shine.
"Well, I have always said," replied D'Artagnan, with a sigh, "that disinterestedness was the finest thing in the world."
Mr Lillyvick stood higher than ever; for he had shown his power; hinted at his property and testamentary intentions; gained great credit for disinterestedness and virtue; and, in addition to all, was finally accommodated with a much larger tumbler of punch than that which Newman Noggs had so feloniously made off with.
That disinterestedness is rare and beautiful in a world filled with so many hectoring busybodies.
Record has it that several of the legislative committees, particularly in the Lower Chambers, have been charged with losing sight of their duty of disinterestedness. In times of political passion, dishonest or vindictive motives are readily attributable to legislative conducts, which is repugnant to common sense.
Strengthening such virtues as cooperation, mutual aid, self-sacrifice, disinterestedness, benevolence, and seeking justice; and fighting vigorously such vices as selfishness, and indifference towards social expediencies should be high on the agenda of both those planning curricula and teachers/educators in treating students.
The fourth chapter focuses on how financial interests can work against the scientific ideals of "universalism, communalism, disinterestedness, and [detached scrutiny]," by discussing numerous issues related to diet, medicine, and health.
Merton's four principles of science: universalism, communalism, organized skepticism, and disinterestedness.
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