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Synonyms for disinfect

Synonyms for disinfect

to render free of microorganisms

Antonyms for disinfect

destroy microorganisms or pathogens by cleansing

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Using a wireless controller, the operator simply scans the room number, closes the door, arms the safety sensors, and runs the disinfection cycle.
Heat pasteurisation is well known in the haemodialysis centre, as many dialysis machines and central water treatment plants use this proven process for routine disinfection. However, it has not, until recently, been available for use in the smaller, single patient, water treatment systems as used in Home and Acute dialysis applications.
QA is provided by regular disinfection and is required to prevent bacteria growth on the internal surfaces of the RO membrane and piping system.
When monitoring water for dialysis, QC measurements showing an increasing trend in counts may be used to adapt the maintenance schedule, for example by initiating a disinfection