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Synonyms for dishtowel

a towel for drying dishes

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Just a sec," Iris called out drying her hands on the dishtowel.
What You Do and What You Say: Fold a dishtowel in half and spread it on the table in front of you.
I placed two of the ice bags on the bottom of the cooler and wrapped the pre-filled syringes in a dishtowel and placed them on top of the bags of ice.
For a week, my starter sat on my windowsill shrouded with a white dishtowel.
That Nelson's looking out for you boys," he said, reaching into a folded dishtowel for a flour tortilla.
Skinner requested testing on the vaginal swabs from victim Twila Busby, Busby's fingernail clippings, a knife found on the front porch, a knife and a dishtowel found in a plastic bag in the living room, a windbreaker jacket found in the living room next to Busby's body, and hairs found in Busby's hands.
Even in the most difficult days of the Depression, even during the hardest period of her marriage when she left her bed to stand in the dark kitchen, weeping into a dishtowel, Deluvina had never felt the way those people looked.
Maureen took Ella out of the highchair and held the girl to her chest, placing a dishtowel on her own shoulder to catch the inevitable snot.
The wonderful Gingerbread Man comes to life leaping out of the oven, tying on a dishtowel cape and shouting "Flour power
A Put them in a bowl covered with a damp, clean dishtowel then place in the fridge.
She swabbed the sauce off her plate with bread and then wiped her mouth with a dishtowel.
Now they're ready to either air dry or wipe with a dishtowel.
The first time I returned triumphantly from the field, covered with blood, hoisting a deer heart in a plastic bag, my wife tried to apply the dishtowel she was holding as a tourniquet.
I suppose he found living together for three years, having his parents over every other weekend, and dishtowel shopping at Ross so free and easy that it left him with a host of other options.
Well, hello there, Vic," she spoke pleasantly as she wiped her hands on a dishtowel.