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a cloth for washing dishes

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One evening he returned with a jacket pocket stuffed with crocheted dishrags.
Now, I think eating injera is like chewing on a moist dishrag, but knowing that I now possess the secret to buying freshly made floppy bread any day of the week, that, unlike my benighted friends and colleagues who have spent decades in Dallas without a reliable purveyor of the stuff, I could make a fluffy bed of injera and sleep in it should I so desire, gives me an incredible sense of empowerment.
A teapot bemoans the fact that it is constantly placed on the tire; a paper lantern becomes a raging face; a dishrag mutates suddenly into a demon.
One of them is tenor Keith Ikaia-Purdy, whose coarse and effortful singing in the Tales of Hoffmann septet sounds like the vocal equivalent of wringing out a dishrag.
Those pieces of equipment are not easy to clean with a spray bottle and dishrag," says Matt Schiering, vice president, general manager for Sani Professional, a division of Orangeburg, N.
Figure out a way to support yourself--and not by moving in with another girlfriend--before you dump this dishrag.
leave behind dishrag limp limbs to stretch my buoyant body
After six to 12 months or more in bottle, the wine starts showing a bouquet variously described as dirty dishrag, furniture polish/varnish, floor polish or Linden blossom, often with some bitterness and a metallic aftertaste, and always with suppression of varietal character.
Ireland attacks LaBute's fusillade of a first scene full throttle (with piercing voice, kinetic limbs and an airborne chair) but later mines layers of confusion, hope, hurt and regret in a final scene that a less nuanced actor might exit seeming little more than a dishrag.
I stopped the sitz baths because they were wiping me out, making me feel like a limp dishrag.
In my hands, it would come out looking like an old dishrag.
Every time it seems to be heading for the sceptical edge of the original, it makes a wrong turn into romance, a move made even worse by the fact Heder and Barrett have all the spark of a wet dishrag.
Then, as all dead goats apparently do, it kicked once and began to tumble down the mountain, each rotation turning its snowy coat to a dirtier dishrag gray until it was gone from sight.
This innocent looking dishrag was a seemingly godsent invention that did something amazing.