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Synonyms for dishonour

Synonyms for dishonour

lacking honor or integrity


Related Words

bring shame or dishonor upon

force (someone) to have sex against their will

refuse to accept

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It may be noted that the legal impact following dishonour of the cheque shall depend on the kind of legal proceedings initiated against you.
A Fianna Fail politician is worried Irish soccer fans might dishonour our national flag at Euro 2016.
The pervert, from Edinburgh, bargained on the kid keeping quiet so as not to bring dishonour on her family - but he was wrong.
THE National Commission for Women ( NCW) has written to the Union home ministry to increase the ambit of ' murder' in honour killing cases to include driving people to suicide for bringing dishonour to families.
Summary: An acid attacker who left a man severely disfigured in a plot to avenge his family's "dishonour" has been jailed for 30 years.
What's the time limit on disgrace and dishonour? Do they come in different degrees that a politician, once so branded, can come back into the fold after, say, a year or two?
The Government insists the pardon, put into the Armed Forces Act in the Lords, aims to remove the dishonour of execution as a fate not deserved.
He added: ``I am quite satisfied that you felt that this young woman had brought dishonour upon her family and upon your community.
"We are dismayed by the division in our church and the dishonour this has brought on our church and our Lord Jesus.
In the television and cable production information, cultural or historical programming category, Midlands Report - Death or Dishonour was named a Platinum award winner.
Relatives as well as neighbours and her fat her's friend only expressed concern about the moral damage and dishonour the matter could cause.
the thing wee sweare by, wee make it the greatest of all other, wee make it the witnesse and discerner of our trueth wee meane, and the reuenger of falsehoode and our fault if we doe not as wee sweare, all which to bee giuen to the Lorde by swearing onley by Him, is a glory to him, and contraiwise a dishonour to him to ascribe them elsewhere, since indeede they are not incident to anie creature (133).
Another was wrestling with what she saw as a Biblical command not to dishonour those who have suffered by forgetting the pains inflicted upon them.
Afzal, the brother of one of boys featuring in the video, later alleged in an interaction with the media that the five girls had been killed in May 2012 by members of their own tribe in line with the decree of a jirga which thought that the youngsters had violated tribal customs and brought dishonour upon the tribe.
complaint on dishonour of security cheque and a civil suit being filed against you for recovery of debt.