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Synonyms for dishonor

Synonyms for dishonor

lacking honor or integrity


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bring shame or dishonor upon

force (someone) to have sex against their will

refuse to accept

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I'm going to beat Jay Lethal at Death Before Dishonor and I'm gonna go on to become the world champion within the next year.
The issuing bank was directed to pay the amount of the letter of credit draw, together with interest and the beneficiary's reasonable attorneys' fees incurred in prosecuting its wrongful dishonor claim against the bank.
Their situations were only rarely viewed as bringing dishonor on the family as a whole; family members were active and public participants in these legal cases.
According to Bread Rising, June 2003, every cardinal makes a vow to the pope "never to reveal to anyone whatever has been confided to me in secret and the revelation of which could cause damage or dishonor to Holy Church.
Metal of Dishonor author Dan Fahey says he regrets citing the incident.
Perhaps one could dilute one's product on the grounds that "you get what you pay for," but this is one field where the dishonor and disgrace attendant to that would (or should) be unthinkable.
Moreover, its intensity tends to vary directly with the relational distance between victim and audience: within one's close family it might be possible to manage the effects of one's dishonor (honor being here above all a public, social issue); with friends it becomes problematic; while with strangers, especially socially important ones, the matter becomes intolerable.
whose unacceptable actions occasionally dishonor the profession.
There's no dishonor in this--it's a numbers game," Melnikoff says of the waiting list.
Winston Castelo, chairman of the House committee on Metro Manila development, laments that nowadays some children dishonor and mistreat their parents.
If will dishonor it, they will also dishonor the Lord.
During the hearing of the case by IHC Chief Justice Iqbal Hameed-Ur-Rehman, the legal counsel for federal police (representing SSP and DSP), Niaz ullah Niazi advocate prayed that the petitioner Rana Saeedullah filed a case against Raheel Khan at Thana Kohsar over cheque dishonor.
With a chance to reach 20 victories Sunday and all but lock up a spot in the NCAA Tournament, the Trojans instead suffered the dishonor of being the first team this season to lose to the SunDevils in Pacific-10 Conference play.
The beneficiary sued the issuing bank, claiming wrongful dishonor of the beneficiary's drawing under the letter of credit.
It's not just in Tennessee that they have done away with the honor roll (Jeff Rundles, "The dishonor roll," March).