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Synonyms for disheveled

marked by an absence of cleanliness and order

Synonyms for disheveled

in disarray

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There's the attractive woman who sounds like a computer geek itching to buy a 45-inch plasma TV, and the disheveled man who sounds like a teenager and talks of buying clothes.
This isn't to say that this time around the Democrats have been totally remiss in ensuring their supporters get their votes counted; it's just that the planning hasn't gotten far beyond the small and, frankly slightly disheveled office of John Hardin Young.
From the late 1720s until his death, the king seems to have been almost continually impaired: he adopted a schedule that reversed day and night, so that ambassadors and ministers of the crown had to transact business with the king in the predawn hours; for extended periods, he was bedridden and mute, or else prone to fits of piteous howling or bulimia; unsurprisingly, he was often filthy and disheveled, with long matted hair and untrimmed nails.
But when Nathan is on drugs, he looks disheveled, and his conversation is abrupt, Warren said.
He stood about 165 centimeters tall, had grayish, disheveled hair, and was reportedly wearing what appeared to be a black down jacket, the police said.
Adding to her turmoil, Marrisa's friends have the audacity to try to set her up with a disheveled yet eligible "handyman." Despite a mutual attraction, Levi is way below her high standards.
Dress me in your own yellow robes, smooth my disheveled hair, wind round my throat your garland of forest flowers.
A is the neatly dressed, clean resident, while B is disheveled and looks "diseased."
So he was sent back to the last stop on the line for crazy old soldiers: to sterile wards smelling of urine, talcum powder, body odor, and antiseptic; to colorless day rooms rimmed with gaunt and disheveled old men in stained and tattered hospital pajamas, who sit in wheelchairs and do nothing all day; to televisions blaring staff favorites--soap operas and MTV.
scapigliatura Italian, literally, a disheveled state, dissoluteness, loose living, a derivative of scapigliare to dishevel
The secret is the crippled, disheveled, and possibly broken condition of the sacrament of Penance/Reconciliation/Confession in the U.S.
--Keats to Fanny Brawne, July 25, 1819 She was bedridden, tanked on brandy and Opium, in pain, disheveled, beautiful, And for the first time unarguably physically there As he sat up long nights in the armchair, A strange adolescent beside her strange body, The only one of which he ever wished to take possession, So that later when he huddled speechless in his grief Behind the master's desk, and the whole class Fell into a hush out of sympathy with his loss, He knew they had no idea how unfortunate a one He was, or what he would give to have her bank-- His life, and the sexual form in which it possessed him.
Outside the tower, below stone ramparts still massive if disheveled with age, the smell of wild roses overpowers the past and makes the present immediate and sensuous.
The Disheveled Bed is an eclectic and highly intimate anthology of the most engaging and inspiring philosophical poetry showcasing the conceptual and individualistic style of Andrea Carter Brown.
Blue managed to escape from his captors and he was found, disheveled and starving, three days later but Pip, a Blue Crowned Conure parrot, was still missing.