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a towel for drying dishes

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Remove the foil and dish towel, and squeeze the juice of the lime halves over the meat and the vegetables.
You can also serve the chestnuts in a bread basket lined with a clean dish towel or cloth napkin.
Once again, cover with a clean linen dish towel and set in a draft-free, warm (not hot) place to rise for another hour or until doubling in bulk.
Place the dish towel over letters and press iron down for 15 seconds.
Three "Minnesota Grown" cookbooks, dish towel, and playing cards
I was amazed to see the terrified mouse fighting back, as best it could, so I intervened by grasping it in a dish towel (my wife is still not happy about this) and taking it into our backyard.
wrapped a dish towel around our shoulders and clipped our heads with
Twelve hours later, put a colander in the sink with a large cheese cloth or old dish towel lining it.
my two skinned palms with a warm soapy dish towel that smelled of
Place ramekins onto a deep tray lined with a dish towel to stop them from moving.
Chefs also suggest putting a damp dish towel under a cutting board to keep it stable while you're cutting.
Thus was born the colorful dish towel and all the other linens associated with the kitchen, along with such items as tablecloths and cloth napkins.
Quart fruit jars were used for iced tea glasses and were filled with ice chipped from the block, then covered with a dish towel until the men arrived from the fields.
When using ice in a bag, don't place it directly on your skin, rather use a dish towel on the area and place the ice over it.
Walking into the hallway, her hands covered with flour, and holding a dish towel to catch the minute particles of flour dust, Mrs.