dish out

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  • verb

Synonyms for dish out

provide (usually but not necessarily food)

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Pearl's bosses have decided to dish out pounds 500million which has built up as the money needed to cover past pay-outs proved less than expected.
But common sense also would tell you there's no way Traylor could routinely take the ball the length of the court for a fast-break basket, dish out 86 assists in 33 games or manage 42 steals in a single season.
The patrols have the power to dish out pounds 100 on-the-spot fines.
Then, she'd proceed to dish out onto his plate enough bacon and cholesterol-laden goodies from her frying pan to bring down a bull.
The celebrities spent four hours helping to dish out a festive meal of turkey, roast potatoes and vegetables to dozens of down-and-outs at the Los Angeles Mission in South Central.