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directional antenna consisting of a parabolic reflector for microwave or radio frequency radiation

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The Band IV is a rugged high-quality dish antenna covering the 4.
The price for installing a dish antenna is $20, and $2 for the copy to update the TV channels, he added.
Current subscribers of broadcasting satellite (BS)-based TV services can use their dish antennas to receive the new CS-based services because the new satellite is placed on a stationary orbit close to the orbit position of the BS.
The only sign of age appeared to be a gouge in a dish antenna caused by a micro-meteorite.
It uses the same size (18-inch) dish antenna and very similar programming, and comes in two configurations priced at $600 and $730.
The dish antenna is today the most visible sign of the satellite age.
Agencies can receive broadcasts if they have a C-Band dish antenna and a tuner or if they have access to facilities with satellite receiver equipment.
It seems that the Pemra office doesn't have a dish antenna and is totally dependent on cable analogue TV.
The police will contact the real estate office which manages the building to remove the central dish antenna in a period not exceeding 15 days.
The Inmarsat-5 antennas are part of the company's flight-proven Gimbal Dish Antenna (GDA) systems, which enable beams to be steered to accommodate changing/increasing user demands.
Designed for point-to-point backhaul links and point-to-multipoint customer premises installations, the 2' PD Series Antenna is a parabolic dish antenna for unlicensed band applications.
Hutchison 3G (UK) Ltd have sought permission to erect three wall-mounted antennas and one 300mm dish antenna at 86, Windsor Road, Penarth.
Primestar would use those slots to expand its channel capacity and reduce the size of its dish antenna.
Last year, researchers made radar observations of limited portions of the sky with the Arecibo radiotelescope in Puerto Rico and the Goldstone dish antenna in southern California.