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Synonyms for disgustingness

extreme unpalatability to the mouth

the property of being extremely unacceptable to the mind

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Cutting each other's toenails is not a sign of intimacy, it's a sign of true disgustingness and you should be ashamed of yourselves.
Senior players are now free to pull them down without fear of punishment but presumably with the risk of getting their heads squashed by Big Al Cook the 25 stone, 47-year-old loosehead, loose everything in fact, whose enormous gut is surpassed only in its disgustingness by his denture-free and spittle-laced gums.
The culture of inter-war Europe, which influenced Sartre, seems to have had a similar effect on other notable writers like Kafka and Musil in increasing the disgustingness in the flavour of flesh and making flesh seem ugly, distorted, corrupting, or ultimately without meaning.
Now there is absolutely no reason why a chief executive who runs a tight ship should not lead a disgusting private life (stupid of him to get caught), but when it comes to voting on whether or not he should be dismissed, forget disgustingness.
But there are also facts of fundamental importance, like the fact that German obscenity law worries about humiliation and subordination, not about disgustingness.
frequently [we project] our own emotions outward, onto vulnerable people and groups who come to embody a shamefulness and a disgustingness that we then conveniently deny in ourselves.