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Synonyms for disgruntlement

unhappiness caused by the failure of one's hopes, desires, or expectations

Words related to disgruntlement

a feeling of sulky discontent

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Peter Barrett, head of MyMortgageDirect, said: "I guess it is a combination of that classic feeling of disgruntlement with getting back to normal after a nice break abroad and a very real sense of wanting to explore the practicalities.
While the winner struggled to contain her delight, the loser's face filled up with disbelief and not a little disgruntlement.
The Secondary Heads Association today highlights continued disgruntlement with the number of exams children are put through - the legacy of good-intentioned ambitions to raise standards.
Last year electricity bills became a reason for disgruntlement among Bulgarians, as thousands took to the streets to protest against high energy prices and this toppled down former Prime Minister Boyko Borisov's center-right government.
Al-Saqqa hasn't been given another chance to return to the Pharaohs' fold ever since, and he eventually voiced his disgruntlement.
AS A Bluenose I'm sensing a little disgruntlement down at Villa Park.
It wouldn't be A level results week without some sort of academic disgruntlement brewing and just as thousands of sixth formers prepare to squeal for the cameras as they reveal their grades a top educationist is arguing maths and science should count for more than arts subjects.
If they are unhappy, they must be allowed to leave because their disgruntlement may affect the rest of the camp.
The Cumbria and Carlisle United Independent Supporters' Trust, who formed in March 2001 in response to fans' disgruntlement at Michael Knighton's ownership, have secured a deal this week with current club chairman John Courtenay which could eventually see them own 95 per cent of the club.
Of course, the reality was that banners did not encourage click-throughs and they soon festered until they were finally removed, with much disgruntlement on both sides.
For the record I was lucky enough to get tickets to Fleetwood Mac and I'll keep the disgruntlement to a minimum as I head across the border.
During the post-match press conference, head coach Mokhtar expressed his disgruntlement with his team's display in the game that saw the petroleum side extend their winless streak to four matches.
Amid a background of growing disgruntlement, the fans are discussing the prospect of forming a supporters trust to help a new set-up.
In an NASUWT survey of its Welsh members, the teaching union found disgruntlement over changes in pupil assessment, performance management and self evaluation.
Scotland anticipates employee disgruntlement at 40 per cent, followed by the Midlands at 36 per cent.