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Synonyms for disgruntlement

unhappiness caused by the failure of one's hopes, desires, or expectations

Words related to disgruntlement

a feeling of sulky discontent

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Asking managers to solve problems but not giving them the authority to actually carry that out will not only result in inefficiency, but also disgruntlement on the part of the middle managers.
However, if history repeats itself, only a small portion of owners will file a protest, despite widespread disgruntlement over rising property taxes.
Fermanagh have had a winter of discontent, disgruntlement and despair.
Shelby has a debilitating form of diabetes but wants to live life to its fullest, much to the disgruntlement of the overprotective but doting M'Lynn.
It's a user-friendly primer to fighting back, effecting change, and making a difference, written by someone with the right blend of pragmatism and disgruntlement, someone who's not afraid to stand in the front line with a banner and who yet recognizes that wilier tactics are sometimes needed.
Corporate media made a fetish of supposed black middle class disgruntlement in the Alabama and Georgia contests, while alienated African American youth were trumpeted as regime-changers in Newark.
From the disgruntlement of three Jews huddled together in a camp bunk for warmth as lice and infirmities torment their unspoken recognition of an almost certain fate, to the disappointment of a Prague prostitute who harbors a haughty SS magistrate intent upon eluding his pursuers as capitulation is imminent, Lustig's eerie authority, his feel for this harrowing theme, emerges in the sordid details of what his several characters endure.
But it was a different story for home boss Mick Wadsworth and he hit back at the disgruntlement of the Latics followers, many of whom walked out in disgust long before the final whistle.
Both held unorthodox religious views that they preached day and night, much to the disgruntlement of their fellow inmates.
Despite the extent of disgruntlement among poultry and pork producers, Hall is optimistic.
And Bush's own memories of conservative disgruntlement with his father should help prompt him to remain on the straight-and-narrow path, even if he attempts to package his brand of conservatism as compassionate.
The idea for most merger-makers is to have as many people "feel good" about the idea as possible, because there are tough enough challenges to deal with without employee disgruntlement (former and present) getting in the way.
Their disgruntlement with UEFA grew when a match against CSKA Moscow in the Russian capital last October was ordered to be played behind closed doors because of the behaviour of home fans.
he understands that there's disenfranchisement, there's disgruntlement, there's frustration on both sides that have led to this.