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Synonyms for disgracefully

in a dishonorable manner or to a dishonorable degree

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What is all this disturbance that has been going on, and how came you to allow a stranger to be so disgracefully ill-treated?
During this speech the two figures on the box were sporting with each other disgracefully. Lucy had a spasm of envy.
'She was crying from pure shame and humiliation for you; because she could not bear to see you conduct yourself so disgracefully.'
The disgracefully deceitful circumstances under which Mrs.
Pendril, "so meanly and disgracefully insufficient that I am ashamed to mention it."
I took disgracefully little interest in the Negotiations, while the Ultimatum appealed to Raffles as a sporting flutter.
Labour has accused the UK Government of "disgracefully" allowing the estimated PS332 million in pension credit to go unclaimed.
Either he has been disgracefully treated, or he has broken the official secrets act.
Actress Fay Ripley is no fan of roughing it "I'm set on ageing disgracefully and I don't think you should follow any rules about 'dressing your age."' TV's Gaby Roslin "There is a humanitarian crisis, a crisis of the heart and a crisis of the soul."
And then she was disgracefully hounded for money she did not have.
Disgracefully it looks increasingly as if the disastrous Theresa May (with her Chequers plan) agrees with them.
'Don't worry', they keep telling me, 'you have brilliant genes' The Prince of Wales on approaching 70 I was incandescent with rage BBC presenter Sarah Montague on learning she was paid less than her Today programme colleagues I am growing old disgracefully.
"I am growing old disgracefully. Having been semi-nude in Playboy, I might strip fully naked when I'm 80" - Former Bond girl Jane Seymour, 67.
No chance, we're still acting disgracefully! Carole Maxey, Cobham, Surrey