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Synonyms for disgorge

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Synonyms for disgorge

to send forth (confined matter) violently

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Synonyms for disgorge

cause or allow (a solid substance) to flow or run out or over

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McCalmont agreed to pay a $120,000 penalty and disgorge $180,000 plus prejudgment interest.
Ramalinga Raju, including his mother, son and brother, to disgorge more than ` 1,800 crore worth of illegal gains made by them.
The suit makes several requests of the court, including that it: find and declare that the defendants breached their fiduciary duties; find the defendants are personally liable to restore losses to the plan that resulted from such fiduciary breaches; order the defendants to disgorge all revenues received from the plan; award actual monetary losses to the plan; impose a constructive trust so that any monies by which defendants were enriched as a result of their fiduciary breaches are returned to the plan; remove fiduciaries that have breached their duties and prevent them from committing future breaches; and award plaintiffs and the class their attorneys' fees and costs.
It also required to disgorge US$1.4 million in trading profits and banned Panther and Coscia from any CFTC entity trading for one year from the date of the order.
The storm's slow forward movement means that its rain clouds should have more time to disgorge themselves on any cities in their path.
Although Darrell and Irene Lainhart agreed to disgorge all their shares of CTIC, the shareholders' meeting did not turn out to be a Lainhart-free zone.
The subsidiaries, Scott Lines and Brian Lines, a former LOM executive, agreed to disgorge profits of $1,277,403 plus accrued interest of $654,918.
Wales has never ceased to be a country since times immemorial and it must take back that right and disgorge the term principality down into the gutter from whence it came.
On each of her four day-long visits this summer, Grand Princess will disgorge 2,600 passengers and 1,100 crew members.
was agreed to disgorge $21.3 million in alleged improperly diverted money, no cash will change hands because Hollinger is being credited on a dollar-to-dollar basis with the $21.3 million it paid to settle the lawsuit brought against it by Sun-Times Media Group Inc.
The regulator also seeks to have Cook divest all unexercised stock options and disgorge all gains with interest.
GREEN campaigners from next June will be able to launch legal action to force European Union (EU) institutions to disgorge potentially important environmental information.
We've got the 8-K.'" If the company elected to disgorge all these details in a filing, he adds, "someone must have had to make a judgment call" to do so, weighing the obligation to disclosure against the potential harm to shareholders.
As the disruption took hold, incoming BA flights that had already landed remained on the tarmac, some for several hours--unable to disgorge passengers or their baggage.
US crude eased back below the $70 level to settle 66 cents off at $69.20 - largely as a result of the US Government's offer to disgorge some of the federal strategic reserve