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the discontinuation of a franchise

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The controversial amendments among others fixed the number of paid up consecutive membership of office bearers to three from one and that of voting members at Annual General Meetings (AGM) at two years from one.That's the core of disfranchisement as it takes away members inherent rights to choose their leaders or seek elective office as embedded in the Sports Act and Kenyan constitution.
We need to realise, above all, that the rise of Al Qaida in Iraq and then Daesh was fuelled by the disfranchisement of Sunnis, who felt that Shiites, under the leadership of Iran, grew too dominant after the demise of Saddam Hussain, so upsetting the regional balance of power.
He refers to segregation, Jim Crowism, and disfranchisement as the "new order." (21) It is interesting to note that it was more than a decade after Redemption that Jim Crow laws were official on the law books in any Southern state, and yet another decade passed before the laws were adopted in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.
However the federal government should ensure that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa gets is due share in the CPEC projects as currently, the disfranchisement of Pakhtoons is causing consternation among people of the province.
There remain important structural and systemic impediments to the realization of full democratic and civilian government, including the reservation of a large number of unelected seats for the military; the disfranchisement of groups of people who voted in previous elections, including the Rohingya; and the disqualification of candidates based on arbitrary application of citizenship and residency requirements.
Disfranchisement and deportation were debated among government officials, even though many of these Japanese were Canadian born.
Living in Infamy: Felon Disfranchisement and the History of American Citizenship, by Pippa Holloway, Oxford University Press, New York, 2014, 236 pp.
In other words, because black peoples have had to engage in freedom struggles and wars of liberation even in the aftermath of slavery, they have often had to contend with de jure slavery such as the legal disfranchisement and segregation in the Jim Crow era.
Many other troubling facets of our criminal justice system--such as racial disparities in enforcement and incarceration, lifelong disfranchisement for felony convictions, and police corruption--deserve as much attention, research, and understanding as Balko brought to this topic.
Apart from the taxes they paid, the FCWU petition of 1951 against the disfranchisement of immigrants also indicated that the population living in the areas covered by the Victoria Federated Native Authority and the Bakweri Clan Native Authority was worth being represented in decision-making institutions.
Iraqi Sunnis, including major tribes and political parties are demanding equality and the end of their disfranchisement in the relatively new, skewed Iraqi political system under Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.
In the end, Bean is compelled to forsake it and to argue instead that slavery, segregation, disfranchisement, and violence were more statist, or at least more damaging, than was the passage of constitutional amendments intended to relieve these oppressive conditions.
Historical coverage is convincing and substantial, demonstrating how the scenario of political leadership was changed, yet also left unchanged, by emancipation, disfranchisement, urbanization, migration, and civil-fights legislation.
Mursi, however, supported pushing for the application of the disfranchisement law that would prevent his rival Ahmed Shafiq from competing in the final stage of the presidential vote.
In nutshell this million man protest is the Muslim brotherhood's million man protest against the several blows it got recently starting from the constituent assembly's suspension verdict from the administrative court to the presidential candidacy of Omar Soliman to the debate of the disfranchisement law in the parliament.