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Synonyms for disfranchised

deprived of the rights of citizenship especially the right to vote

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class="MsoNormalKenyan women have a difficult task of engaging and winning the support of the disfranchised rural women even before embarking on convincing their male political counterparts that their agenda has nothing to do with wresting power from them but a quest for equal opportunities.
Conscientious objectors who were deemed not to have made any useful contribution were disfranchised for five years after the war, but there was no administrative machinery to enforce such a disenfranchisement.
However, on Tuesday, the National Assembly of Pakistan was able to pass the historic 'Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill 2018' with an overwhelming majority, setting a new milestone that seeks to promote 'protection, relief and rehabilitation of rights' for a disfranchised gender minority that has been oppressed and marginalised for decades.
This approach is just a repackaged version of the contention that some citizens have been disfranchised. We have explained why that is wrong: all citizens of Chicago have equal influence, though it is exercised indirectly (by voting for Mayor) rather than directly (by voting for the Board's members).
They will stay disfranchised at least for 20 years, he added.The Chief Minister said he had issued instruction for making significant changes in the Gwadar Master Plan taking into confidence of all genuine stakeholders.
King's focus was initially on blacks in America but, before he died, he included a larger narrative of the dispossessed to include Native Americans, the down-trodden of all racial and gender backgrounds and the disfranchised all over the world as part of the beloved community.
'IS continues to recruit new members across the globe, mostly targeting the disfranchised by offering a form of escapism by tainting these young minds with their twisted world view and perverse ideology coupled the promise of a higher purpose in life.
Consequently, the NUD is formed to serve as a psychological buffer to this disfranchised group.
The thing is I wanted to support poor talents and make them professionals as a way to thank Egyptians but it didn't work out." (Referring to the organization's (which sponsors young budding athletic, typically disfranchised, talents) dissolution.)
It means that the millions of uneducated and disfranchised people also own those denominations which has given rise to this kind of uncertainty, chaos and mistrust over the currency all over the country.
Ironically, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People reported "five times as many whites are using drugs as African Americans, " but only 1.8 percent of the non-African American population have been disfranchised with convictions.
The Commission on Elections (Comelec) is considering extending the voters' registration period up to November to ensure that more voters would not be disfranchised.
Raut said that he never said that Muslims should be disfranchised.
He notes, "labor insurgency was crushed; women were kept 'in their place'; barbaric and exploitative systems of profit making at the expense of human life and almost inconceivable levels of misery were protected (indeed expanded); whole populations were legally disfranchised and excluded from meaningful participation" (p.
They feel disfranchised by the authoritarian governments that the U.S.