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deprived of the rights of citizenship especially the right to vote

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It is important that our school partners are playing an important role in promotion of education in disfranchised sections of the societies; it is our sovereign commitment to help promote quality education in the partner schools through useful interventions.
8 percent of the non-African American population have been disfranchised with convictions.
He added: "It is time for us in Britain to speak up for the millions around Europe who think as we do, who are fed up with the remoteness of the Brussels system, but who are currently disfranchised.
The Commission on Elections (Comelec) is considering extending the voters' registration period up to November to ensure that more voters would not be disfranchised.
Punjab Education Foundation (PEF), which was established under the Punjab Education Foundation Act of 1991 as an autonomous statutory body to encourage and promote education in the private sector operating on non-commercial/non-profit basis, has emerged as a great facilitator for providing free quality education to the deserving students of disfranchised communities who cannot enjoy their basic right of education due to various socio-economic constraints.
Raut said that he never said that Muslims should be disfranchised.
He notes, "labor insurgency was crushed; women were kept 'in their place'; barbaric and exploitative systems of profit making at the expense of human life and almost inconceivable levels of misery were protected (indeed expanded); whole populations were legally disfranchised and excluded from meaningful participation" (p.
Second, there is a focus on the economy and social security, especially for the poor and disfranchised Egyptians, in order to garner and maintain solid support from an apolitical Egyptian public.
They feel disfranchised by the authoritarian governments that the U.
With so much emphasis on organizational sustainability, we are committed to make sure the UNF continues to implement its mission of creating opportunities and being a resource for all low-income and disfranchised people in Fitchburg.
He pointed out that every month thousands of disfranchised Africans attempt to cross the Mediterranean from North Africa to Europe.
With a Sunni monarchy, relying on a largely Sunni power base, the majority Shia population has for years been disfranchised and left on the margins of political life.
Balbir Punj (BJP), who initiated the discussion in Rajya Sabha , demanded that infiltrators from Bangladesh should be declared "stateless persons, disfranchised and debarred from owning properties in the state", a remark which drew sharp criticism from the treasury benches.
The handling of the economy will ultimately make or break the relationship between Egypt's new rulers and its people -- most of whom are not only politically disfranchised, but economically marginalized as well.
Kuwait is very keen on observing the rights of children on a regional and international level especially when it comes to the rights of the disfranchised youth, said a Kuwait official here late Friday.