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deprive of voting rights

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Giles, an African American citizen of Alabama, brought a test case to the federal courts alleging that new provisions of the Alabama state constitution that were designed to disfranchise (and had the effect of disfranchising) nonwhites violated the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments.
citizens appear to be trying to wrest more from the least wealthy, and the most powerful are attempting to disfranchise senior citizens from an important program designed to keep them out of poverty at the end of their productive years.
Sweeping aside equal-protection concerns, the eleven-judge panel unanimously overturned an earlier decision to delay the election because evidence suggested that flawed punch-card systems in six counties might disfranchise as many as 40,000 voters.
But it was not easy to disfranchise blacks without raising the serious possibility (which became the reality) that many whites would be written out of politics too.
Delegates "wished to disfranchise most of the Negroes and the uneducated and propertyless whites in order to legally create a conservative electorate," wrote historian Malcolm McMillan.
To be sure, there were objections to these arguments, but we thought we had answered them tersely and convincingly; if some one complained of the ignorance of the voters, we answered, "Educate them." If another complained of their venality, we replied, "Disfranchise them or put them in jail." And, finally, to the men who feared demagogues and the natural perversity of some human beings we insisted that time and bitter experience would teach the most hardhearted.
Corridors has learnt that the man's motive is to hold brief for faceless political power barons, and that come 2022, the gang could have instilled fear in the minds of the residents to disfranchise and subdue the village folks to follow a certain political persuasion.
The continued polarisation of the issue by opposing camps not willing to make any concessions and compromises on their respective positions only serves to disfranchise the entire district of many synergistic opportunities between the two economic sectors,' he added.
They said it would disfranchise and guarantees would remain only on the paper.
But some southern whites were uncomfortable with the resort to fraud, murder, bribery, and theft to disfranchise most blacks.