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lack of skillfulness in speaking or writing

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This is accomplished through therapeutic techniques such as exercises to prolong phonemes and slow the rate of speech, as well as motivational work to identify emotions and behaviors involved in fluency and disfluency, reduce tension and negative feelings and/or attitudes, and generate family support to foster an environment that favors the child's communication (9).
When there was a long discount duration or a high discount frequency cue, participants in the disfluency condition inferred a shorter discount duration or a lower discount frequency and evaluated the discount product more favorably than did those in the fluency condition.
A child was considered a non-stutterer if he/she exhibited two or less disfluency instances per 100 syllables of the conversational speech and had a total score equal or less than 6 (i.
43) An open-label study of haloperidol lacked disfluency frequency data, therefore casting doubts on haloperidol's reported efficacy in the study.
If it is in the low range, the speech synthesis generates a response with a disfluency, such as "Dialing, um, Haim Cohen.
Normative disfluency data for early childhood stuttering.
Rule-based algorithms for each of these disfluency types have shown some success.
The king's stuttering problem was moderate and didn't show secondary characteristics, but I thought it did show the impact disfluency can have.
Peter also uses a technique called deliberate disfluency which is when you purposefully stammer to conquer the fear of stammering.
A young child between three and five goes through developmental disfluency.
We'd found that disfluency led people to think harder about things," Oppenheimer added.
The type of concurrent disabilities in the children varied and included cerebral palsy, reading disability, math disability, writing disability, expressive language disability, receptive language disability, autism spectrum disorder, face blindness, hearing impairment, central auditory process disability, disfluency, and social pragmatics (see Figure 1).
Disfluency data of German preschool children who stutter and comparison children.
Previous studies have found repetitions to be a form of speech disfluency and an indicator of depression (Breznitz, 1992; Stassen et al.
44) Like A Simple Story, Nature and Art offers moments of emotional distress and the disfluency that attends such moments, such as that in which William condescendingly upbraids Henry for his marriage to the lowly singer: