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having the appearance spoiled

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Since then, I have been a mere disfigured piece of furniture between you both; having no eyes, no ears, no feelings, no remembrances.
"One!" said the count mysteriously, his eyes fixed on the corpse, disfigured by so awful a death.
She had so laid him there, as that she might see his disfigured face; it was so much disfigured that his mother might have covered it, but it was above and beyond disfigurement in her eyes.
So far the national countenance of the government on this side seems to be disfigured by a few federal features.
For ten years he had been the butt of the village, beaten and stoned by the women and children, cut and slashed and disfigured by the warriors; a victim of often recurring fevers of the most malignant variety.
The teenager's face was "disfigured" and her neck was almost severed by deep bites from the wild animal which also ripped out her hair in the violent attack which was so bad her father Sergey Chernigov did not initially recognise her.
Casual workers with disfigured fingers are slowing down Huduma Namba registration, a county administrator has said.
AHounslowmum who took her own life after she convinced herself a cosmetic pen to smooth out wrinkles left her disfigured was not taken seriously by mental health providers, her family claim.
'The body was badly disfigured and mauled by stray animals,' said rescue sources.It body was shifted to Chhipa morgue after police medico-legal formalities.
There are a lot of fights that go on in Bury but this was an unprovokedwas an attack that attack that has left him disfigured.
Skynews washington The writer had been"cut up"and"disfigured"and his remains were found in the garden of the Saudi consul's house, say sources.
Summary: Culprits found guilty of fracturing victim's nose, leaving him permanently disfigured
Summary: His face was left disfigured as his cheek bones, eye, upper face, jaw and almost all facial bones were impacted.
There had been certain campaigns launched to promote the use of otherwise healthy but superficially disfigured food products including disfigured eggplant and ugly looking carrot.