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having the appearance spoiled

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Since then, I have been a mere disfigured piece of furniture between you both; having no eyes, no ears, no feelings, no remembrances.
said the count mysteriously, his eyes fixed on the corpse, disfigured by so awful a death.
She had so laid him there, as that she might see his disfigured face; it was so much disfigured that his mother might have covered it, but it was above and beyond disfigurement in her eyes.
So far the national countenance of the government on this side seems to be disfigured by a few federal features.
For ten years he had been the butt of the village, beaten and stoned by the women and children, cut and slashed and disfigured by the warriors; a victim of often recurring fevers of the most malignant variety.
Two women in Massachusetts are facing multiple charges after they allegedly tied down and burned a five-year-old girl as a part of a voodoo ritual, which left the child permanently disfigured, reports said Saturday.
Summary: Nagarkurnool (Telangana) [India], Dec 11 (ANI): In what could be termed as a gruesome attempt to replace one's husband with her lover, a woman in Telangana's Nagarkurnool killed her husband with her partner's aid, while her partner disfigured his face to purport as her husband.
Both women suffered facial burns, but were not permanently disfigured, in the attacks.
Disfigured with 'If you had any decency, you would end the divorce as soon as possible,' Colin wrote in July 2016.
Karachi -- Head of Lyari gangwar Uzair Baloch said that following the murder of several people he has disfigured their dead bodies using acid.
A young woman disfigured in an acid attack in Esfahan in 2014 has just gotten married, sparking widespread positive reactions in Iran's social media.
When it does get things wrong, the resulting image would be a somewhat disfigured girl, which appear to have random parts of a picture slapped together like a collage.
We don't want to have a debate that is disfigured by bullying, intimidation, threats, or the kind of language that John McDonnell used last night.
His father Stephen Cusack, who works at University College Cork, posted on Twitter: "Our son was catastrophically disfigured by an evil thug in Dublin Sunday/Monday night on Dame Street.
CAPTURING the portraits of soldiers who have been disfigured in battle will be the subject of a free talk next week.