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Synonyms for disfiguration

an appearance that has been spoiled or is misshapen

the act of damaging the appearance or surface of something

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"My expression of the theme 'disfiguration' is about the dysfunction in this world today and how it is affecting everyone -- namely wars and dissent across borders," said Riham, explaining that one should never stick to an opinion totally as things keep changing constantly in the world and new realities affect the way individuals view everything around them.
"Clay doesn't forget." she explains, keen to take on the 'disfiguration' on herself and not blame her trusty companion.
Despite long period of indolence, spontaneous healing can occur, the long-standing untreated lesions may lead to scarring, contracture, tissue destruction and disfiguration. Squamous cell carcinoma and less commonly basal cell carcinoma may develop in lupus vulgaris.
the destruction of the urban environment, the industrialization, contamination and sprawling disfiguration of the landscape...' (Habermas, Observations on 'The Spiritual Situation of the Age').
It's a small disfiguration, but that's all right," she added.
No more breaking of bangles, no more disfiguration and maltreatment of a woman whose husband passed away and no more abuse excuse by conjoining the cultural, caste and property imperatives because a Mahatma named Karunanidhi walked this earth.
To avoid disfiguration 88.79% (103) patients perceived to use alternative medicine.
Which envious artist attacked master Italian sculptor and painter Michelangelo, leaving him with permanent facial disfiguration? 9.
Throwing acid to cause disfiguration of facial features, setting on fire, sexually assaulting and killing are a few tools that are typically employed by the "honourable" culprits.
But unfortunately the apparel has been gradually allowed to be abandoned or tailored to gross disfiguration in the name of fashion and trends; tight revealing sleeveless low-neck shirts, trousers with half naked calves and dopattas practically absent; thanks to the trend-setting Pakistani media where virtually all female hosts, reporters and anchors today is a free for all except the veteran Nasim Zehra adhering to acceptable social norms and Asma Sheerazi who took the lead by dressing innovatively which exudes grace and charm while remaining within limits.
her or him, but to confront her or his disfiguration, there before its
Those involved in the crimes, he said, "are trying to do harm without killing." Instead, the attacks leave victims with horrific and often prominent disfiguration. Dr.
Facial disfiguration, as Sophie Delaporte explains, can be traced as