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Synonyms for disfavour

Synonyms for disfavour

the state of being out of favor


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an inclination to withhold approval from some person or group

References in classic literature ?
At noon next day, John Willet's guest sat lingering over his breakfast in his own home, surrounded by a variety of comforts, which left the Maypole's highest flight and utmost stretch of accommodation at an infinite distance behind, and suggested comparisons very much to the disadvantage and disfavour of that venerable tavern.
It is odd that a thing which I have been taught to regard with disfavour and as idolatrous should in a time of loneliness and trouble be of help.
A tall man in a blue-gray bedgown was regarding him with deep disfavour.
Bent on destabilizing the country, the Americans tend to look with disfavour at any prospective rapprochement let alone dialogue between Lebanese parties," he charged.
But she'll be all too well aware that the distribution of resources from central Government is to the disfavour particularly of our Northern cities in favour of Southern shire counties.
PARIS: France's ambassador to UNESCO, the former minister Rama Yade who fell into disfavour with President Nicolas Sarkozy, has decided to resign to join an ally's campaign to unseat him.
To me it was very clear this report was viewed with great disfavour by leadership at the CQC.
He had fallen into public disfavour after flip-flopping on a campaign pledge to relocate the massive US military base on Okinawa.
One can claim to personally be witness to that outrageous behaviour by the state where government disfavour of the opposition is personalised, where the state's animosity to its foes bends the rules against them to which one can literarily testify.
Unfortunately such committees only facilitate for a short time and even then the training provided, for the most part enables trainees to find employment at another more affluent community; all to the disfavour of the original community.