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Synonyms for disfavor

unfavorable opinion or judgment

to have or express an unfavorable opinion of

Synonyms for disfavor

the state of being out of favor


Related Words

an inclination to withhold approval from some person or group

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The committee has given recommendation of fixing councilors salaries as Rs 20,000 which is according to councilors a disfavor for them.
At the same time, vocational schools have fallen into disfavor because of the perception that too little is earned with these professions.
Luetkemeyer in his investigation of Operation Choke Point practices against law-abiding businesses held in disfavor by Obama administration officials.
We disfavor home ownership with the second-highest property taxes in the country.
Lodge noted that Waugh is doing "extremely well" now, but in the late 1950s he was in "considerable disfavor." Waugh's best fiction survives, according to Lodge, because it can be reread "endlessly."
Peterson brought up another time-honored tradition that has fallen into disfavor -- parental responsibility.
The topics include notes on divine presence in the Books of Ezra and Nehemiah, converging metaphors in family religion in ancient Israel and the Levant, the theme of divine disfavor in the biblical prophetic books, reflections on the biblical evidence for how comprehensible divine silence can be, and the eloquent silence of God in Esther.
This inequality is mainly occurs due to household problems and disfavor of the society towards women's entrepreneurship.
One Iranian film has been selected for an out-of-competition screening, but that film--"The Paternal House" by director Kianush Ayari--is in disfavor with the regime and has not been approved for screening without "corrections."
I don't know this solution, but am sure that a good paint shop can fall in disfavor in one year that is based on nothing more than pilots who expect Van Gogh workmanship and are simply unrealistic except in their own minds.
The Energy Minister stated that nontheless the country does not plan to disfavor its extensive coal mining industry and it remains a priority too.
(A) For all possible outcomes in which there exist agents capable of having pro- and con-attitudes: (i) worthiness of favor is a strictly increasing function of goodness of outcomes; (ii) worthiness of disfavor is a strictly increasing function of badness of outcomes.
The concessions and change of the name dictated by Greece that we must only carry out is something that the citizens disfavor. It presents a dictate and not negotiations.
"Sell Your Home Fast: In a Buyer's Market" is a guide to selling one's home when the market seems to be in disfavor. With nine simple tips and tricks for presenting one's home as the ideal one to buy, Norma Lehmeier Hartie comes at readers with no shortage of sage advice.
As regards politics and law this implies that no adult may be treated with special favor or disfavor by the legal authorities, whether in court or via public policy.