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Synonyms for disesteem

to have or express an unfavorable opinion of

unfavorable opinion or judgment

Synonyms for disesteem

the state in which esteem has been lost

have little or no respect for

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disesteemed legal position--cast as a delinquent tenant, illegal
Disesteemed stories such as those included in Dracula's Guest and Other Weird Stories typically disregard the kind of technical focus and consistency still valued by many today, and the competing pressures and displaced emphases in these stories result in narratives that are only irregularly and inconsistently responsive to many of today's dominant discursive and explanatory structures.
Often disesteemed by both males and Caucasians, African American women have long existed in the vanishing margins of an extremely dynamic culture.
Consequently, the "exigences of intelligence and reasonableness, and much less, their power to effect the intentional self-transcendence of the subject" are disregarded or disesteemed. (6) And from these exigences for "what is," little or nothing is expected.
Overwhelmingly, students give high marks to those candidates who "cared what we had to say" or "encouraged us to participate." Candidates who "talked too much" are typically disesteemed, while those who "listened to what we had to say" are favored by a long shot.