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deprive (an established church) of its status

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willingness to disestablish districts credibly have to do so by
If antidisestablishmentarianism were inherent in these words, the Establishment Clause would mean -- in the wake of incorporation -- that states could not disestablish their own state religions.
The "Government of Ireland Act 1914" finally achieved its third reading in May 1914 as did the "Welsh Church Act 1914" to disestablish the Church in Wales.
The Capital Skyliners of Fleet Logistics Support Squadron (VR) 48 will disestablish on 7 September 2012, marking the end of mare than 32 years of providing high-speed, long-range, short-notice logistics support throughout the world from the nation's capital.
I do not know how seriously I should take the fear Stuart Bell MP has that the Prime Minister could suddenly decide to disestablish the Church of England.
A motion to rescind the decision by the diocese of Calgary's executive council to disestablish three of its parishes was defeated during a recent synod.
Apart from giving the colonialists a bloody nose on more than one occasion, Glyndwr planned to establish universities and disestablish the Welsh church.
The executive committee of the diocese, acting on a report from the strategic planning committee, made the decision to disestablish the parishes based on a long standing inability to meet canonical requirements for parochial status," said the bishop.
The two phases of the integration include the transfer of financial functions from dental activities to the designated Medical Treatment Facilities and then disestablish dental commands in early 2005.
The 37-strong nursing team was deeply concerned about a recent decision to disestablish the DoN role.
Stephen's church voted to disestablish last November and held its last service on Dec.
NZNO organiser Carla Palmer said the DHB received 43 submissions on the move to disestablish the two ACNM positions, all opposing it, but it made no difference to the eventual outcome.
Eventually, a proposal to disestablish the KYM team was put forward and consultation began earlier this year.