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deprive (an established church) of its status

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The following day--one month after the board decided to disestablish the position--it revoked that decision and retained the DoN role.
The Majlis did not approve of Ahmadi-nejad's plan to disestablish all the Supreme Councils.
But the more obvious solution is the opposite one; disestablish the Church of England.
I do not know how seriously I should take the fear Stuart Bell MP has that the Prime Minister could suddenly decide to disestablish the Church of England.
Denbigh publisher Thomas Gee's campaign to disestablish the Church of England in Wales was given momentum by farm protests over the hated tithe tax, a traditional one-tenth payment.
Sweden, meanwhile, has moved to disestablish the Lutheran Church.
Apart from giving the colonialists a bloody nose on more than one occasion, Glyndwr planned to establish universities and disestablish the Welsh church.