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deprive (an established church) of its status

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disestablish represented an end in some ways but a beginning in many
Not only was RFRA unconstitutional, but any congressional enactment designed to deter states from abridging the free exercise of religion -- regardless of the evidence of state transgressions -- violates the antidisestablishmentarian principle and therefore the Establishment Clause.(16) According to Rubenfeld, laws that protect free exercise disestablish religion, and laws that disestablish religion offend the First Amendment.
government's jurisdiction until Congress disestablishes it.
* Removing any language referring to USJFCOM which was disestablished on August 31, 2011;
The VPU-1 Old Buzzards were disestablished on 27 April at NAS Jacksonville.
Denbigh publisher Thomas Gee's campaign to disestablish the Church of England in Wales was given momentum by farm protests over the hated tithe tax, a traditional one-tenth payment.
Kneedlersaid this was another action that shows how Congress intended to disestablish the reservation.
The "Government of Ireland Act 1914" finally achieved its third reading in May 1914 as did the "Welsh Church Act 1914" to disestablish the Church in Wales.
I do not know how seriously I should take the fear Stuart Bell MP has that the Prime Minister could suddenly decide to disestablish the Church of England.
"If you go back into the treaties and look at how the land was treated, there was a clear intent by Congress to disestablish it," he said.
A motion to rescind the decision by the diocese of Calgary's executive council to disestablish three of its parishes was defeated during a recent synod.
In August 2017, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the Muscogee (Creek) Nation reservation was still intact because Congress never acted to disestablish it, so the case should be heard in federal court.
The cross-party group called for the UK Government to consider an Act to 'fully disestablish' the Church in Wales.
The two phases of the integration include the transfer of financial functions from dental activities to the designated Medical Treatment Facilities and then disestablish dental commands in early 2005.