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Synonyms for disentangle

Synonyms for disentangle

to free from an entanglement

Synonyms for disentangle

release from entanglement of difficulty

free from involvement or entanglement

separate the tangles of

smoothen and neaten with or as with a comb

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"What we do know, however, is that disentangling Britain's 43 years of EU membership will not be an easy process.
Disentangling the truth in Birmingham from a Tory civil war will not be easy, especially with the No 10 spin machine in overdrive to divert attention away from the backbiting between the Education Secretary and Home Secretary.
Movie critics tackling Darren Aronofsky's biblical epic Noah have had some fun disentangling the filmmaker's innovations from the original scriptural story.
Because MeHg and PUFA can influence the same health end points, disentangling risk and benefit can be challenging.
* Krista Schwarz, University of Pennsylvania, "Mind the Gap: Disentangling Credit and Liquidity in Risk Spreads"
By disentangling global, topological operations, such as parallel assembly, from local, analytic operations, such as finite-element integration, it produces a much cleaner and more maintainable code base and enables simulation of a much wider array of phenomena.
Scientists have taken a major step towards repairing severed spinal cords by disentangling a knotty re-wiring problem.
This study tracks initial effects of a philanthropic effort, while disentangling its effects from a major concurrently administrated school improvement initiative.
The poet figure in the poetry of Wallace Stevens; disentangling the multiplicity of selves.
Efforts to understand the effectiveness of the COO position need to be sensitive to disentangling causes for performance that should be attributed to the COO's efforts, the structure itself or a poor implementation.
"Agency staff came in and worked very hard on disentangling fishing lines from branches of trees on a couple of islands in the pool that were endangering birdlife.
Students donned snorkel gear and spent the days disentangling turtles from the capture nets surrounding their boat.