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Synonyms for disentangle

Synonyms for disentangle

to free from an entanglement

Synonyms for disentangle

release from entanglement of difficulty

free from involvement or entanglement

separate the tangles of

smoothen and neaten with or as with a comb

References in classic literature ?
The man on the bank, who is trying to disentangle it, thinks all the fault lies with the man who rolled it up; and when a man up the river thinks a thing, he says it.
"We just got out to disentangle the tow-line, and when we looked round, it was gone!"
"Come here!" he shouted to Dickon, and he actually began to tear the coverings off his lower limbs and disentangle himself.
It took Kala several minutes to disentangle him and drag him forth; but he was not killed.
The collection documents what is known about these patterns and disentangles the biotic and abiotic factors that shape the distinct, unique, and often overlooked soil communities of arid lands.
The pound bounced after Mr Carney said the market may misinterpret Britain's economic prospects as it disentangles itself from the EU.