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the act of releasing from a snarled or tangled condition

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It indicated that the equilibrium of entanglement and disentanglement of molecular chains was reached after shearing twice.
At stresses below the yield point, this molecular reorganization includes disentanglement as there is no opportunity for yielding.
is so enmeshed in the EU that the process of disentanglement will be complicated and probably take years.
More narrowly, specific elements of modern humanism--from the respect for human dignity via the need to fully implement human rights, to the demand of a clear disentanglement of church and state--have overwhelming support in the German population.
Kyiv's formal disentanglement from Moscow was quick, but Ukraine would continue to swing between Western and Russian influence.
This is the time for bold steps ahead, signifying a disentanglement from past mindsets and practices that have perpetuated the Cyprus issue for more than four decades.
Political sources say Ayrault will not bring anything new to the table as many see the disentanglement of the presidential crisis as lying squarely with the Iran-Saudi regional rivalry.
Perhaps they are also becoming aware of the bottomless pit of expenditure involved in years of wasteful bureaucratic reorganisation and mountainous legal fees that will be leached from the NHS and other social services necessitated by the process of disentanglement.
If this Caribbean's emblematic function, as larger metaphor and prototype concept, everywhere pertinent yet situated in no-one-place, can at times appear as at once visionary perception and its most exposed analytical vulnerability, the lucid framing and cogent disentanglement of its current bearing, its reconfiguring paradoxes and protean variations, are this compilation's most undeniably commanding strengths.
The committee warns: "Domestic disentanglement from EU law would require a review of the entire corpus of EU law as it applies nationally and a in the devolved nations.
She finds these things in Shelley's similes and in his "protracted Spenserian stanzas," where she also locates "an idiom of renunciatory attachment, one that enables a loving disentanglement of human beings from one another, and from the world" (82).
Its full set of features include - wet mopping, vacuum cleaning, dirt sensing, suction control, scheduling, auto charging, fall detection, disentanglement, virtual wall detection and gyro sensing.
David Cameron a year ago was saying that he didn't want to be remembered as the Prime Minister to preside over the disentanglement of the United Kingdom if Scotland was independent.
Impunity for rights violations persists because patent trumped up charges ripen into court cases that takes eons to resolve and demands tedious, cumbersome legal disentanglement, the NULP statement said.
After disentanglement, WWFPakistan's observer onboard recorded its length which was estimated to be 8.