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Synonyms for disentangle

Synonyms for disentangle

to free from an entanglement

Synonyms for disentangle

release from entanglement of difficulty

free from involvement or entanglement

separate the tangles of

smoothen and neaten with or as with a comb

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UN resolutions present a tailor-made solution of the issue for India to disentangle itself from thorny issue" he stressed, warning that any lapse by UN could plunge the issue in serious turmoil.
He said sailors in training had to stop to disentangle their rudders from rubbish.
argued in court documents that while it could separately value the T&G, it could not disentangle the daily operations of the T&G and the Globe, which make up the New England Media Group.
Weidmann, who is also the president of the Bundesbank, called for a cap on banks' sovereign bond holdings and sufficient capital backing to help disentangle the close relationship between states and banks.
It is important in people's minds to disentangle the Philpott case and the Welfare Benefit issue and not to tar all benefit claimants with one couple's wrongdoings.
Moreover, farm price measures must rely on a small, and changing, sample of farm sales from which they must disentangle like-for-like price changes.
For this reason, this polyethylene is often swollen and dissolved in suitable solvents, like decalin and paraffin, to disentangle the networks.
The US officials said that al-Qaeda in Iraq has got involved in Syria according to orders by al-Zawahiri, who is trying to disentangle his organization by starting operations in Syria.
In this unique study, first published in the US, the author, a Pakistani journalist who has studied the area for some twenty years, uses his knowledge and experience to disentangle the various threads that make up the story behind the region's notoriety.
He believes that a deeper understanding of the fundamental bases of the Hume-Rothery rules, especially electron concentration, might help disentangle some of the remaining puzzles evident in the stability mechanisms of increasingly complex alloys.
Although it is impossible to precisely disentangle all the factors contributing to the contraction in trade, there is no doubt that the crisis has had a strong impact, although the severe decline in international commodity prices and exchange rate fluctuations also played a role.
Epidemiologic evidence suggests that chronic stress may alter susceptibility to air pollution, but spatial confounding between these factors limits the utility of epidemiologic methods to disentangle these effects and investigate physiologic mechanisms.
He said: "I'm pleased to learn he can disentangle himself after the World Cup.
But efforts to disentangle the two trains are ongoing and there are fears more WRECKAGE OF TWO COMMUTER BELGIUM MONDAY, FEB.
Members of this August House need to disentangle yourselves from their failures," in reference to the speaker and his deputy.