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Synonyms for disengagement

Synonyms for disengagement

the act or process of detaching

Synonyms for disengagement

the act of releasing from an attachment or connection


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to break off a military action with an enemy

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Moral Disengagement in Physical Education: The Moral Disengagement in Sport Scale--Short (MDSS-S; Boardley and Kavussanu, 2008) was used to measure students' moral disengagement in a physical education context.
In this study, it is investigated that what change disengagement brings in the relation of burnout and project success.
Hypothesis 3: Motivation and moral disengagement will partially or completely mediate the effects of coaching style on Chinese athletes' prosocial and antisocial behavior.
A broad understanding of disengagement is essential for nurses caring for clients with ESRD because they are in a unique position to assess disengagement capacities of patients.
Similarly, a finding of the breach of the duty of loyalty is reserved for rare egregious cases and not mere director disengagement.
exhaustion and disengagement from work can be observed in essentially any occupational group [19-20-21].
The UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF), immediately liaised with the Israeli army and the Syrian Arab Armed Forces to de-escalate the situation, "which is currently quiet," the statement explained.
This comprised a retrospective analysis of a sample of fitness to practise cases, and interviews with users and professionals about the triggers for disengagement in the workplace and the potential ways in which these might be mitigated.
Active disengagement tends to be more highly related to labor market trends such as unemployment, underemployment and letting people go.
We observe that leaders can quickly and dramatically cause staff disengagement on their own.
Likewise, the outgoing supplier may be unmotivated to provide adequate disengagement assistance and could even act in a hostile manner.
The text tackles eight common student disengagement myths by giving each one its own chapter, then breaking down each chapter into in-depth sections.
As per contents of the report brought to light by a private TV channel that the order on disengagement of police mentioned by chief minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif in his affidavit has not been mentioned by Rana Sana Ullah and Tauqir Shah, former principal secretary to chief minister Punjab in their statements.
Israelwithdrew from Gaza in the 2005 Disengagement, but continues to supply the region with water, electricity, and other supplies, and retains control of the sea some distance off the coast of Gaza.
If the disengagement torque preset on the switching units is exceeded, the steel balls move out of their detent in axial direction, causing a stable separation of the input and output side, thereby interrupting the torque transmission.