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Synonyms for disengagement

Synonyms for disengagement

the act or process of detaching

Synonyms for disengagement

the act of releasing from an attachment or connection


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to break off a military action with an enemy

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Since then, the observer force has remained in the area to maintain the ceasefire and to supervise the implementation of the disengagement agreement.
An agreement between Syria and Israel was reached in May 1974 that stipulated the disengagement and separation of Israeli and Syrian military forces on Golan, and the creation of disengagement zones between the two armies.
Bush said he will send Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to Jerusalem and Ramallah before the Israeli withdrawal to consult both Israelis and Palestinians on disengagement issues.
There have been many discussions of third-party roles over the years, not only in conjunction with disengagement.
She however reached a similar conviction with respect to the disengagement.
The UN on Friday said that, although it welcomed Russia's proposal, the peacekeeping agreements prevent it from accepting Russian troops, as permanent Security Council members are barred from taking part in the UN Disengagement Observer Force.
Tribunal said in its report that chief minister used the word of police disengagement later to save his skin.
If, in an overload case, the disengagement torque preset on the switching units is exceeded, the steel balls move out of their detent in axial direction, causing a stable separation of input and output side, thereby interrupting the torque transmission.
The Organizational Intelligence Institute (OII) - a Skyline Group company conducted research to uncover the underlying drivers of leader engagement disengagement by select workforce segments C including leaders, high-potentials, and those with senior leadership aspirations (VP and above) and high ambition and achievement orientation.
Active interagency partnerships are essential in creating an effective disengagement strategy.
For instance, a student researching "guns in schools" will dismiss out-of-hand articles on the NRA, the concept of bullying, and societal trends towards disengagement because "They're not related to my topic," when in fact, there may very well be a connection between the NRA and the conference they re-scheduled after the Columbine shooting, and the increase in bullying and disengagement as a sign of "dis-ease" that may contribute to angry and violent outbursts in the public at large.
The concept of how technology can lead to disengagement may be most
Of course, disengagement from the political process has not only affected the profession's status but has weakened its ability to promote government programs that positively affect the welfare of clients.
The new DuraGlide model features an integral flex-arch stop to limit accidental drawer disengagement.
Besides characterizing friends and colleagues after meetings in cafes, the narrator tries to unravel the origin of his sense of disengagement and his lack of feelings.