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According to Mr Christopher Ogbogu, 'Since we were disengaged in 2008, we are yet to get the three months salaries in lieu of the disengagement notice.
If they are disengaged they put in the bare minimum effort necessary to satisfy their job description or, at worst, actively seek to undermine the organization.
I am thankful that the Community Family Services International (CFSI), MILF Focal Points and Unicef are monitoring the progress of children and families that were disengaged from the MILF-BIAF.
It is interesting because the disengaged onlooker sounds like an entirely different species than an author or an observer.
The percentage who are "actively disengaged" -- workers who have miserable work experiences -- is now at its lowest level (13%), making the current ratio of engaged to actively disengaged employees 2.6-to-1 -- the highest ever in Gallup tracking.
Tanner, says disengaged employees usually only do the bare minimum of what is required of them.
The State of the Global Workplace report identified only 16 per cent of employees as being engaged at work, with 69 per cent not engaged, and a further 16 per cent 'actively disengaged'.
ELLIS Short is leaving London to move back to the USA but Sunderland chief executive Martin Bain insists the Black Cats' billionaire owner is not 'disengaged' from the situation on Wearside.
Purkert narrowed it down to three three types of employees- engaged, not engaged and actively disengaged.
NAGGING teachers can lead to children becoming more disruptive and disengaged in the classroom, research suggests.
When adaptive cruise control is engaged by pressing the "set" button at a desired speed, it will set that speed such that the motorcycle will travel at the set speed consistently, until the adaptive cruise control mechanism is disengaged. Adaptive cruise control can be disengaged both automatically and manually.
Companies with disengaged employees share certain characteristics, according to "Emotional Intelligence 2.0" author Dr.
Synopsis: Workers who are not engaged or actively disengaged cost the German economy up to 287.1 billion euros annually in lost productivity.
At the core of Kitnbriel's work is the contrast between the "disengaged stance" or "buffered self' (delineated by philosopher Charles Taylor) characteristic of modernity, and what K.
BBC bosses believed Sir Tom Jones was "disengaged" on The Voice and decided to sack him before the last series was over, an insider claims.