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the act of withdrawing certification or terminating a franchise

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"Continuing with this stopstart approach will simply derail much needed local investment plans, have a negative impact on business confidence and, most worryingly, add to the feeling of disenfranchisement that we see in communities across the UK."
We firmly stand with the community and we will not settle for perpetuating the cycle of displacement and disenfranchisement that disproportionately impacts People of Color.
Did those problems result to disenfranchisement of voters?
With the problem, he decided to conduct manual voting so that all voters will not experience disenfranchisement.
Migrante vowed to continue monitoring and documenting reports of disenfranchisement and discrepancies in the OAV process.
By arguing that specific plaintiffs, like Fox, have had their political voices silenced by tilted congressional districts, reformers hope to give Roberts what he implicitly requested last year: specific cases of disenfranchisement.
As I will show, the campaign for felony disenfranchisement reform over the past 20 years has been widespread and effective in many respects.
There is a serious concern that even now the ECP has little idea of the magnitude of this disenfranchisement. In order to understand this issue, let us consider, as an example, a Pakistani citizen having three possible addresses, A, B and C.
He asked the relevant district returning officers and returning officers to take steps for foiling agreements against women's disenfranchisement.
OMOR Community in Ayamelum Council Area of Anambra State has raised alarm over the impending massive disenfranchisement that awaits her people in 2019, if Independent National Electoral Commission INEC, does not release more machines to register them.
Upper Dir- once infamous for being dubbed as male-chauvinism belt when one peeped into preceding times which had been witnessing widespread disenfranchisement of woman's voters, took cynical elements by surprise by fielding woman candidate to run in next general election for general seat of KP assembly.
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has congratulated Chief Justice of Pakistan for taking notice of disenfranchisement of overseas Pakistanis .
About women disenfranchisement in Lower Dir, he said the ECP always set up separate polling stations for women.
Jeff Manza and Christopher Uggen (2008) explain that "civil death" (Latin: civiliter mortuus) and contemporary modern day variants of disenfranchisement laws are rooted in medieval Europe, evolving from ancient Greece's atimia and ancient Rome's infamia (Stanley & Weaver, 2014; Levine, 2009).