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deprived of the rights of citizenship especially the right to vote

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Disenfranchised, noun - the act of using your husband's position to rake in cash while wittering self-indulgent, sanctimonious tosh.
To counter this we must listen to our disenfranchised minorities, whatever colour or religion they may be.
Had the city rejected those applications for failure to produce a match, almost 20 percent of new registrants who had supplied driver's license numbers would have been disenfranchised as a result of clerical error.
Sources: "Felony Disenfranchisement Laws in the United States" (The Sentencing Project, 2004); "Disenfranchised Veterans in the United States" (The Sentencing Project, 2003); "World Prison Population List" (U.K.'s Home Office, 2003); "Number of U.S.
In the same way English voters are already disenfranchised from issues that only affect Wales.
He is joined by those who do not "fit" in the regular world: the mad, lame, disenfranchised, betrayed.
"In this post-Soviet state, people feel disenfranchised and alienated from their government" says Masarjian.
I know for a little bit you were disenfranchised with all the big money coming into skateboarding, but lately you've been recharged.
But charter schools do provide valuable and much-needed options, often to poor and disenfranchised families who cannot afford private school tuition.
The root of poverty is not with the working poor and the disenfranchised, but in the hearts and minds of people like Joe Impastato, who, generation after generation have been allowed to fashion the kleptocracy of neglect that now hangs like dark shroud over the City that Care Forgot.
(and) you will make your managers feel disenfranchised, alienated and impotent."
b) As a result of a service-learning lab with a disenfranchised group, did participating university students reflect on social injustice?
In 2000 Gore and the Democrats ran to the right and thought no one would care about the millions disenfranchised by their intolerant Drug War policy.
Ethics are made inextricable from seeing and passive spectatorship is finally all but disenfranchised, and for all the talk that seems precisely the point.
This gives him a secure base of operations to carry out his role "as the leader of disenfranchised Arabs and other Muslims who seek the liberation of Palestine and the downfall of the authoritarian regimes of the Middle East and absolute monarchies and emirates of the Gulf."