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deprive of voting rights


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This served to disenfranchise thousands more of urban voters on Election Day," it said.
That may increase the enfranchisement of those "winners," but it disenfranchises everyone else, since all federal handouts are paid for by others.
This failure to disenfranchise from a past life manifests itself in numerous ways--from decorating the office with awards earned elsewhere, to refusing to tailor a management style to suit a new job in a new industry--and none of them are positive, Neff and Citrin warned.
This will disenfranchise thousands and thousands of voters," says Gonzalez.
My major concern is that we find ourselves in a situation that may disenfranchise our voters," says Jackson Lee.
Criticizes Company for Taking Actions to Disenfranchise Shareholders
The Voter ID Law, on the other hand, was a thinly veiled attempt by the extreme right-wing groups to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of voters who don't agree with their unpopular agenda.
Gerrymandering is the cause, as the same politicians who supposedly don't want to disenfranchise presidential voters have already disenfranchised voters in House and state elections.
The LWV of Arizona reports that since Arizona became the first state to require proof of citizenship to register to vote after the November 2004 passage of a citizens' initiative vigorously opposed by the League, it has been very active in making sure that the implementation of this requirement does not disenfranchise eligible voters.
The Paul campaign believes that a handful of GOP officials are playing machine politics and breaking their own rules to disenfranchise Paul supporters.
We can think of no such justification for a law that is now known to disenfranchise legitimate voters, in the absence of any evidence being offered that would point to the type of voter fraud that this law was supposedly designed to combat.
electoral process and the pervasive threats that disenfranchise voters.