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make unable to perform a certain action

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For Latour, it is the very idea of Nature--that "blend of Greek politics, French Cartesianism, and American Parks"--that disenables ecopolitical projects by positing a nature that is by definition "incontestable" and therefore beyond the reach of "ordinary political life" (Politics of Nature, 4-5, 10).
However, from an evaluative stand-point, this method smoothes over the space for preemptive striation, rhetorically positioning a "level playing field" which is simultaneously establishes a hierarchical order away from the gamespace which disenables the accused to exist outside of that already accomplished role-formation.
There are only 23 listings for -able, for example, but most of the -ables I could think of have antepenultimate accents, which disenables them.
But policy matters--and what policy enables and disenables is crucial to our work as teachers and administrators, teacher educators and researchers.