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make unable to perform a certain action

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Furthermore, silencing Nrf2 gene with siRNA disenabled MG132 to prevent renal tubule cells from high-glucose-induced profibrotic response.
The trouble disenabled the transmission of e-mails from addresses containing "@ezweb.ne.jp" as well as the delivery of new e-mails to those addresses, it said.
Western blot analysis illustrated GA-T inhibited uPA protein expression in a dose-dependent manner in HCT-116 p[53.sup.+/+] cell line compared to its control at 16.3 and 32.6[micro]M GA-T for 24 h, but in HCT-116 p[53.sup.-/-] cell lines, GA-T disenabled the inhibitory effect of uPA(Fig.6A).
He feels "my want / Of force." He is too belated, or simply disenabled, for generic sublimity; it is too late in the day, he says, for "my poor muse" to try and soar.
Yale University President Richard Levin said Clark had been barred from the campus and his Yale ID card disenabled.
If Sarah carries Fowles's message of freedom, the figure who must discover its value and its pain is Charles, an aristocrat who, in the course of the novel, will have his expectations of a title stripped away from him, will break a respectable and enriching engagement that promises an emotionally and economically comfortable life, and will, by a settlement over the broken engagement, be disenabled from any further marriage in Victorian society, all connected with an explicit discovery of anti-Victorian freedom releasing him from the expectations of his society (285-86).
I am constitutionally disenabled from that vice; for how can he be guilty of excess, who never can get enough?