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Synonyms for disenable

make unable to perform a certain action

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The DoS/DDoS attacks in the SMCN lead to an overload of the attacked nodes and thereby they disenable acquiring data from the attacked nodes or they preclude using the services offered by the attacked network.
Passive attacks are any activities aiming to gain unauthorized access to the data or SLCN infrastructure, for which the attacker does not use emission of signals that may disturb and/or disenable correct performance of the signal.
The European attitude toward North Africa, and other parts of Africa, for that matter, is a carry-over from the "old days." When French and other European officials enable corruption abroad, they disenable the people of these countries to develop their own societies.
Why non-addicts must uncompromisingly disenable and deny anyone as soon as addiction is indicated.
You simply ask more and more questions, which can ultimately disenable you.
No rules disenable you to stick with or change languages other than those you self-impose; if and when necessary you can switch back and forth.
The great question is: Will such revivals enable or disenable the left in its struggle for human freedom and democracy?