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Synonyms for disembowelment

the act of removing the bowels or viscera


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It is the mediated unraveling and disembowelment of the cocoons that transform human worms into immortal moths.
The NCA's CCM is more than a deconstruction of the Chicago edition of the CFM: it is a total disembowelment.
I once even visited a feminist art exhibition, where I looked upon a series of brightly painted pictures depicting the castration of males, the disembowelment of males, the mutilation of males, the boiling in large vats of oil of males.
If these are the people who picked out the likes of Riera, Dossena and Degen then sacking's too good for them - ritual disembowelment would be more appropriate.
If this is not done, the regime will continue to carry out retaliatory operations and mass murders, while the Houla massacre will not be the last one, as the Baath knows nothing but the language of violence and brutality, through the killing of children, the disembowelment of women and the hanging of men without any exception.
The purposely cruel and savage crimes committed included public executions and amputations of civilians, the display of decapitated heads at checkpoints, the killing and public disembowelment of a civilian whose intestines were then stretched across the road to make a check point, public rapes of women and girls, and people burned alive in their homes," prosecutor Brenda Hollis wrote in a brief appealing for the 80-year sentence.
Indeed, one may wonder if McCarthy's motive might not be exactly the testing of whether goodness can persist in the face of violence, when an act of charity may lead to one's own disembowelment, or, even more starkly, whether goodness can persist in the absence of a world endowed with meaning, and in which the future appears so foreshortened as almost to collapse with the present moment.
Well, imagine no more, for shipmates Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet have teamed up again to play an unhappily married couple in this ferocious disembowelment of suburbia.
The film depicts scalpings, disembowelment and swastikas being engraved in foreheads as a group of American Jewish soldiers are airdropped into Nazi-occupied Europe to wreak revenge on the Germans.
As would be the electric chair, lethal injection, disembowelment, flaying, beheading, stoning and crucifixion.
Women toss their babies off bridges, lesbian make-out sessions end in disembowelment, and covens of what look like rejects from a fierce night on "America's Next Top Model" fly into town and hog all the cabs.
This generally involved the disembowelment, dismembering and boiling of the body, often with requests for the heart to be buried at home (Brown 1981).
In the presence of his commanders, Alexander ordered the disembowelment of one child and gave the mother to his troops.
79) with racked confession and self-expression itself with disembowelment on the scaffold.
61) He was a man infatuated with violence, homosexual murder, pederastic rape, disembowelment (of himself, others, lovers, and kittens), and the sexual ecstasies of suicide long before politics aroused his interest.