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the act of removing the bowels or viscera


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of a Japanese family, by the traditional samurai disembowelment ritual called seppuku.
The Shogun orders Asano to commit ritual suicide by disembowelment - to avoid bringing shame upon his house, then permits Mika one year to mourn before marrying Kira and uniting the kingdoms.
Dismemberment, disembowelment and evisceration abound and Ayer delights in the aftermath of ritualistic slaughter.
While Carter was in Japan, the novelist Yukio Mishima, who was thrice considered for the Nobel Prize for literature, committed seppuku (ritual disembowelment and decapitation) after a failed coup at the headquarters of Japan's Self Defense Force with his private militia of young male supporters.
The young girl's plight has refocused the world's attention on India and their gender issues following the brutal rape, disembowelment, and death of a 23-year-old woman in New Delhi late last year.
The only visual theme so consistently repeated in the poem and which is sometimes connected to images of webs and threads are the plates depicting disembowelment, sacrifice, and the geography of ancient druid temples and plinths in the poem (e.
AG In that same symposium, you also said, "The disembowelment of [poetry] was, of course, facilitated by the twentieth-century technologies of the typewriter and computer screen, which kept poetry away from its own center by severing it from its writers' and readers' mouths, ears, and bodies.
This product prevents drowning and disembowelment due to suction drains.
The purposely cruel and savage crimes committed included public executions and amputations of civilians, the display of decapitated heads at checkpoints, the killing and public disembowelment of a civilian whose intestines were then stretched across the road to make a check point, public rapes of women and girls, and people burned alive in their homes," prosecutor Brenda Hollis wrote in a brief appealing for the 80-year sentence.
If this is not done, the regime will continue to carry out retaliatory operations and mass murders, while the Houla massacre will not be the last one, as the Baath knows nothing but the language of violence and brutality, through the killing of children, the disembowelment of women and the hanging of men without any exception.
297, 311 (1974) ("If beheading and disembowelment became the
Thus evoking and alluding to post-World War II Japan, "honor," seppuku, or ritual death by disembowelment, and suicide in general, the story plays on the readers' stereotypes relating to Japan and "Japaneseness," and more particularly the expectation that suicide, one of the most common tropes frequently associated with Japanese culture, will play a prominent role in this tale too.
Injury Patient 1 GSW abdomen Patient 2 MVA polytrauma Patient 3 Multiple precordial stab wounds Patient 4 Head injury following assault Patient 5 Stab abdomen with disembowelment Patient 6 Stab chest Patient 7 GSW right chest with haemopneumothorax Patient 8 MVA with head injury Patient 9 Fell from scaffolding Patient 10 MVA bilateral fractured femurs Patient 11 Stab wound to cubital fossa Patient 12 Stab wounds to neck Patient 13 Stab wounds to neck Patient 14 Stab wounds to neck Patient 15 MVA head injury RTS = Revised Trauma Score; GSW = gunshot wound; MVA = motor vehicle accident; NA = not applicable.
Phaedra's suicide sets in motion events that will lead to the disembowelment of Hippolytus and the barbequing of his genitals at the hands of a mob whipped into a frenzy by his own father Theseus, who himself in turn rapes and kills his stepdaughter Strophe before cutting his own throat (Kane 2001, 100-2).
If these are the people who picked out the likes of Riera, Dossena and Degen then sacking's too good for them - ritual disembowelment would be more appropriate.