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Synonyms for disembowel



Synonyms for disembowel

remove the entrails of

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With bald laughs and wriggling necks with which to disembowel war.
On the other hand, she said the attorneys general "don't want to disembowel the company" in the light of its contributions to the computer industry and the economy.
According to Honig, we must first disembowel the "values clarification' movement of the seventies, in which teachers ("values processors') helped students shape their own morals--and refrained from imposing a rigid ethical framework upon innocent, impressionable minds.
But he warned: "Don't mess with a Big Red, they'll disembowel you.
they'll have ripped the limb from your body and be preparing to disembowel you.
There are more than 20 combination moves to master, most of which result in your foe being decapitated, dismembered or disembowel.
First up were a couple of Brummie ancients declaring themselves 'almost sure' they could disinter Spitfires if receiving permission to disembowel Castle Bromwich.
Brutality is meted out with a wolfish grin, and actors scream for their lives as the bad guys disembowel and dismember them before our very eyes.
What seems to make life even tougher for the Blues is the new FIFA ruling that defenders must disembowel Andy Johnson in the penalty box before the referee will even consider awarding a spot-kick.
If my wife were here, she'd disembowel me first, then she'll divorce a disemboweled man.
No longer do I have to disembowel the bag and reveal a dozen receipts, a half eaten sandwich, indigestion tablets, two pairs of specs, a purse, credit cards, dog biscuits, emery boards, Tic Tacs, a pair of laddered tights, four room keys from hotels, a theatre programme and enough small change to start a bank.