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free from a body or physical form or reality

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This disassociation, in turn, engenders Jacques's disembodiment and subsequent disempowerment, as his virility and potency are fiercely interrogated: "His hands hanging at his side...the limp folds of flesh on his stomach" (p.
The suggestion is that we move from the disembodiment of the Word to the embodiment of the Word in a fully present proclamation.
This simply treats our bodies as inert objects to be managed by the mind (Freiler, 2008) and reinforces a dominant culture of disembodiment (Rendon, 2009) where our bodies are not really acknowledged 'except as a commodity whose exchange is tied to market value' (Shahjahan, 2015: 494).
This disembodiment required the temporary forfeiture of Gaia's generative role, but, I argue, ultimately reveals online teaching spaces to be empowering and important potential sites for the demarginalization of ciswomen teachers as well as transgender and gender queer teachers.
Xavier Aldana Reyes, for example, refutes transhumanist notions of disembodiment by authors such as Hans Moravec and instead responds to Sarah Lauro and Juliet Embry's influential "Zombie Manifesto" by claiming the Walking Dead-zombies as material embodiments of human consciousness.
There is a disembodiment in the narrative of Satan Ceramics caused by weakness in conceptual conceit laying intellect fallow.
On the other hand, suicide bombing, as it is practised across different conflicts, is a violent encounter between bodies: in which the bomber cannot complete her becoming, without reconfiguring other bodies as well as hers, most often resulting in disembodiment. The suicide bomber's climactic emergence as a bomber, therefore involves a necessary destabilisation of the association often made between identity and embodiment (Wilcox 2014, 72).
In what follows, I argue that Aurora Leigh responds to this conflict by claiming disembodiment as a poetic and political strategy.
With the absence of the body in the performative construction of identity, the internet can be thought of as sites of "disembodiment or dislocation of the self' (Gomez, 2010, Stern, 2008).
This is a form of disembodiment, a new capitalist transformation based, as Gilman-Opalsky claims, not on neutral technologies, but ones deliberately designed from inception to colonise both mind and time.
31--60), that Feste's verbal tormenting brings the imprisoned Malvolio to a 'space of dissociative disembodiment' (p.
In case a soldier serving in a Territorial Army unit wishes to leave service he can do so easily in a manner that is termed as "disembodiment" as was the case with Showkat Malik.
His frequently anthologized stories, such as "Toba Tek Singh," detail the brutality of mid-century South Asian politics, but they also express the alienation, disembodiment, absurdity, banality, and irony endemic in the writing of his generation (e.g., Camus, Beckett, Nabokov, Ellison).