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But the noun that can mean a disembodied spirit, elf, fairy or ghost is most often spelled sprite, as in the nimble Austin Healey Sprite.
But he really does seem to believe that he is wrestling, on God's behalf, against some sort of disembodied spirit of Evil.
I felt almost like a disembodied spirit watching this.
He was no disembodied spirit, so far removed from us that we could never relate to him.
Lynn White, in a now famous essay, writes that Western Christianity's attack on paganism effectively stripped the natural world of any spiritual meaning by replacing the belief that the Sacred is in rivers and trees with the doctrine that God is a disembodied Spirit whose true residence is in heaven, not on earth.
Her range of characters is broad and lively, from Rudy Cantu, drag queen par excellence, in whose ears the crowd's applause sizzles like when "my ma added the rice to the hot oil"; to the disembodied spirit of Emiliano Zapata's wife; to a teenage girl who returns to the shrine of the Virgen de los Lagos to ask Mary to take back the boyfriend the girl previously prayed for.
Not only does it sound like he's a disembodied spirit is submerged underwater, it sounds unlike anything he has ever recorded.
Jesus was not a disembodied spirit floating among them, but a tangible being whose wounds were still present: "Put your finger here and see my hands.
With martial snare drums marking her lover's long trek to his maker and a ghostly male choir of lost souls in the distance gradually moving closer and closer, the disembodied spirit of her paramour coos, "Where once we kissed and ran/The memory scorched the man/I have to tell you dear/Death has become my breathing.
Charles Maryan directed and so deserves a slice of everyone's credit, and of the blame for the one out-of-kilter element: The voice of Paul Zim, as the cantorial ghost, always sounds more like a recording than a disembodied spirit, an unnecessary impediment to the suspension of disbelief.
In the height of Elsie-mania, the disembodied spirit certainly her share of followers and believers.
Accompanied by the tongue-in-cheek, bone-rattling, xylophone melody lifted from The Four Lads' 1950s novelty hit "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)," Harvey, with her chilling, high-register voice, sounds like a disembodied spirit trapped in between the worlds of the living and the dead, as she waves goodbye to fresh-faced "Tommy Atkins" heading off to "the fountain of death.
With shades of "Hurt," the Gothic-tinged "Lights in the Sky" is a somber piano dirge in which Reznor bids adieu to a modern-day Ophelia who has met a watery grave and has become a disembodied spirit in the night.
Then, Coyne's detached and disconcerting voice is further distorted and dismembered in a choir of crying, disembodied spirits.
And his aggressively postmodernist rejection of biological accounts of human behavior comes with problems of its own: undeniably, we are evolved animals, and not disembodied spirits.