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Synonyms for disembarkment

the act of passengers and crew getting off of a ship or aircraft

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To see, the face of Gino, when the next morning Alberto was forced to show the thirty dollars needed for the disembarkment to the customs agents and, pulling out all the money he owned in front of the friend, Alberto was not fast enough to hide twenty additional dollars, which constituted our last savings ...
At disembarkment he is clothed in his old uniform, now several sizes too large following his emaciation.
The compromise relates to draft rules of behaviour in European Frontex missions for the detection and interception of a boat at sea, and more specifically for rescue missions and the disembarkment of migrants.
Diptee's gripping socio-economic study, From Africa to Jamaica, traces the embarkation of captives at Jamaica Point, Sierre Leone to their disembarkment in Jamaica, one of the toughest labour regimes in the Americas.
Sadly one of the slim-chance side effects of the drug was what I now know is called mal de debarquement syndrome (or disembarkment syndrome), which is a rare condition usually occurring after a cruise.
The IMO guidelines for port and coastal countries are very general.(159) While the IMO recognizes the need for states to have embarkment, disembarkment, and vessel calling requirements, it has not suggested a unified international standard.(160) For instance, a merchant ship traveling to numerous countries will have to conduct extensive research to ensure compliance with each individual country's regulations.
A lot of the shipping that was coming to Dubai now goes to Pakistan for disembarkment of goods there," said Theodore Karasik, director of research at the Institute for Near East & Gulf Military Analysis in Dubai.
An immigration officer, Lashakaran, boarded the ship, checked passports and issued disembarkment papers.
The bow design will allow front on-platform disembarkment, with the vessel held securely into a V-notch style docking station that allows the vessel to rise and fall with the sea swell, making it safer for crew and passengers during transfer.
Again, there are exceptions; some people suffer from symptoms for a few days after the trip is over, a condition termed ' mal de debarquement ' or disembarkment sickness.
Then there are the tourist operators who take passengers after disembarkment for sightseeing.
"We went out with all the ships heading towards France, but we never went in on the disembarkment," said Polowin, whose ship instead set out to find enemy ships.