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Synonyms for disembarkation

the act of passengers and crew getting off of a ship or aircraft

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The latest dispute erupted earlier this week when Russia asked Japanese Foreign Ministry officials on a humanitarian mission to submit disembarkation cards upon their arrival at Kunashiri Island, one of the four Russian-held islands.
By applying this concept, the boarding and disembarkation times are again reduced, to around 17 minutes.
The bridge, which has now seen several months of successful operation at Calgary International Airport, is designed to permit faster passenger boarding and disembarkation by allowing them to enter and exit the aircraft from both the forward and aft doors directly from the terminal building.
For just pounds 10 per person each way, the on-board extras offer fantastic value and the express boarding and disembarkation facility has been very popular with motorists.
The Italian law at issue introduces a special boarding and disembarkation tax at the three aforementioned ports, charged in principle to all passengers.
The new Exuma charter destination of a one week itinerary from Nassau to Great Exuma will allow charter companies to book The Marina at Emerald Bay for embarkation or disembarkation, call ahead for reservations and confirmation".
Given the conditions of the terminal at Langton Dock, the embarkation and disembarkation was done very professionallyand quickly.
According to the indictment, Tohira possessed a forged passport in Stockholm in March 1975 and entered Ecuador in February 1994 by presenting a disembarkation card with a false name and nationality.
Each gate is equipped with two loading bridges to speed up passenger embarkation and disembarkation and JetBlue is aiming at 30-minute turnarounds at JFK allowing it to programme up to 12 rotations a day at each gate as operations develop.
The former Mersey Docks chief executive broke cover to defend his company's efforts to block Liverpool's attempts to turn the city's cruise terminal from a facility for day calls to an embarkation and disembarkation point.
Premier Business benefits include advance seat selection, first-class rail travel on the Gatwick Express, express check-in, priority boarding and disembarkation, use of Fast Track in the UK and access to lounges.
Pride of Aloha features NCL's signature Freestyle Cruising, offering a diverse choice of six restaurants without fixed dining times, resort casual dress code and relaxed disembarkation.
The term care is meant to ensure health and safety conditions during embarkation, disembarkation and travel by students and conducting street
Alberta-based Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH), of which Intrawest Corporation (NYSE: IDR; TSX:ITW) owns 45%, offers heli-hiking trips that the whole family can enjoy, from the serious hiker eager for an intense and challenging climb to the passive traveler content to explore the helicopter's disembarkation area, admiring the diverse landscapes, spectacular flora and fauna in the surrounding meadows.
Earlier data is of Nationality-wise FTAs by purpose of visit based on the information recorded in disembarkation card).