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Synonyms for disdain

Synonyms for disdain

to regard with utter contempt and disdain

the feeling of despising

Synonyms for disdain

lack of respect accompanied by a feeling of intense dislike

Related Words

a communication that indicates lack of respect by patronizing the recipient

look down on with disdain

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Prosecutors accused the 31-year-old Jordanian of blasphemy [cursing God] and disdaining Islam by cursing the religion of one of the sisters.
Artistically progressive early in his career (he was among the first to import the techniques of French Impressionism to the US), Hassam became increasingly conservative around the turn of the century, disdaining new art movements (he was outraged by what he saw at the 1913 Armory Show) and their tendency toward progressive politics.
The volume includes substantial excerpts from The Institution of Marriage, In Praise of Matrimony, On Disdaining the World, and The Christian Widow.
But in the lead article of the 16th issue, devoted to the plastic arts, Le grand sommeil et ses clients (The big sleep and its customers), Debord, while recognizing the merits of those "artists who have become famous for disdaining and destroying art," does not fail to emphasize what might be limiting about this stance: "With this destruction brought to a successful conclusion, its perpetrators find themselves, of course, incapable of realizing the smallest of their heralded aims outside esthetic disciplines.
It comprised a multilingual dream sequence in pagan terms, not disdaining verbal and pictorial descriptions of dismemberments by Cupid and phallic worship of Pan.