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in a proud and domineering manner


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"Now," said the deputy, "answer me frankly, not as a prisoner to a judge, but as one man to another who takes an interest in him, what truth is there in the accusation contained in this anonymous letter?" And Villefort threw disdainfully on his desk the letter Dantes had just given back to him.
And sighing disdainfully, he again changed his position.
"I would almost rather have no children at all," she said disdainfully
"Your hen has very bad manners, Dorothy," said Aunt Em, looking somewhat disdainfully at Billina.
He had done well in Mods, much to the surprise of those who attended lectures and took proper exercise, and was now glancing disdainfully at Chinese in case he should some day consent to qualify as a Student Interpreter.
`You see how it is,' he said to me, `where there is no chivalry, there is no amour-propre.' When I met him on his rounds now, I thought he carried his head more disdainfully than ever, and strode up the steps of front porches and rang doorbells with more assurance.
(Turkey Dinner, 1974) Told a US colonel will greet him by saying: "Howdy partner, put it there", Mainwaring asks disdainfully: "Put what where?" (My British Buddy, 1973) On exercises, Frazer and Walker try to spy on "enemy HQ" on a farm - dressed as a pantomime cow.
Channel 4 are disdainfully treating the Doncaster showpiece as a moveable feast.
Once a private sanctum, a sort of lacuna in the everyday in which the repressed was free to return, the studio had now become, as Buren disdainfully put it, a "boutique"--just another node in the enmeshing matrix of consumer capitalism.
"The word 'caricature,'" the great caricaturist Al Hirschfeld once said, disdainfully, "comes from the Italian 'caricatura,' which as far as I know is a kind of sausage." There is certainly no shortage of ham in Howard Schatz's photos, but in the best of these images there is also plenty of raw and compelling character.
Of the other two Northampton tries, Carlos Spencer pounced when Grindal spilled the ball at the back of a ruck to kick through and score, while the final try from Darren Fox saw the replacement flanker emerge from a ruck to brush disdainfully past Thompson's attempt at a tackle.
Arms Park reject Daniel Gravell, who returned to Stradey Park midway through the season, spared no one's blushes as he disdainfully brushed off three half-hearted attempts to stop him as raced 50 metres for one of the home tries.
Bush replied with a dismissal: "Are you still hanging around?" Later on, Bush poked fun at the bare-pate of Robinson, joking, "You'd better cover up your bald head, it's getting hot out." The respected British reporter shot back, "I didn't know you cared." Bush responded with a cool, "I don't." The Mirror reports that Bush then "snorted disdainfully" and "walked away to laughter."
Though some of it may have been staged corpsing, the scene where Cory English disdainfully threw a sheet of newspaper across the stage only to have it land directly in a bin must surely have been an opportune accident, in spite of his ad lib that he did it every night.
This preoccupation with the poetic consciousness of being different, aloof, even disdainfully surveying the plenitude of the world of which it is a part mars the reading and enjoyment of these poems.