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Synonyms for disdainful



Synonyms for disdainful

showing scorn and disrespect toward (someone or something)

Synonyms for disdainful

expressing extreme contempt

having or showing arrogant superiority to and disdain of those one views as unworthy

References in classic literature ?
The betrothed had retired, as we said, with haughty air, disdainful lip, and the demeanor of an outraged queen, followed by her companion, who was paler and more disturbed than herself.
In fact, the more disdainful the lady might be the better it was, for then the poet could write the more passionate verses.
Thrice blessed be this last consideration, since it enables us to follow the disdainful Miggs even into the sanctity of her chamber, and to hold her in sweet companionship through the dreary watches of the night!
Peary, who is credited with being the first to reach the North Pole, is portrayed as a ruthless and disdainful exploiter of the Innuit people he purported to befriend.
The pounds 12 million merger with Gaskell last September was largely born out of his frustration at watching Tomkinsons' share price driven down by disdainful investors despite increasing sales and profits for four years.
Few bosses have been more disdainful of the Worthington Cup in recent times than Sir Alex Ferguson, who is happy to field sub-strength teams while his first-choice side pursue the big prizes overseas.
They will find the Kissinger they know--assertive, arrogant, disdainful of his critics, in favor of an imperial presidency and of tough diplomacy, impatient with Congress and the people.
The "proud in arms" may no longer apply, but there is no doubt that we have finally overcome our former, disdainful inferiority complex, and are now celebrating our national heritage with greater pride than ever before.
If he had uttered that sentiment either in the House of Commons or the saloon bar of the Dog and Duck he would have been howled down with disdainful laughter.
It added: "Their response to the list of demands outlined by the players has been disdainful and we would urge the wider GAA public in the county to engage with their representatives to ensure a change of attitude."
SLOBODAN Milosevic pretends to be bored and disdainful as he sits in the dock at the the UN tribunal in the Hague.
Jockey Jamie Spencer looked round and then cast a disdainful glance between his legs before starting to pull up.
Although Wimbledon has always stayed within the guidelines, the players' interpretation has often raised a disdainful eyebrow - from gorgeous Gussie Moran's frilly knickers to Ann White's all-in-one body suit.
English departments were particularly disdainful of Jews because they were not thought to be sufficiently refined.
For some time I have known that many first-language Welsh speakers, particularly those from the heartlands, are disdainful of those of us who do not speak the 'iaith.'