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a small class of students who are part of a larger course but are taught separately


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In Figure 4, reason of selection discharge of 1.27 liters per second as optimized discharge in results and discussion section is well specified.
(196.) See generally supra discussion section IV(B)(2) and accompanying text (discussing liability of providers in Fonovisa and Napster).
The chapters are a disparate collection: one is a report from a discussion section held at the conference, one is a report of a 1994 workshop, several appear to be literal typescripts of speechs given at the conference, and there is the nice touch of a chapter by A.
The discussion section is a synthesis of the open and axial codes in the interviews of the 11 exemplary counselors who responded to the question "What is Quality Rehabilitation Counseling (QRC), i.e., what do you do to help people with severe disabilities become employed that might be different from what other counselors do?" Before discussing the counselors' observations in relation to the concurrent counseling model, one must highlight counselor commitments or predispositions that underlie QRC, e.g., the counselors' expectations regarding (a) their proper role and function, (b) the significance of disability and other client characteristics, and (c) attitudes toward the mandate.
To compensate, I tried to be as gregarious as possible in the roundtable discussion section of the audition.
The discussion section explains how and why the code works so that readers can learn to adapt the techniques to similar situations.
These larger studies might also address some of the questions raised in the Discussion section about the transition from teaching to counseling as well as differences in terms of age and gender.
Each chapter also contains a discussion section with representative examples taken from current state and local laws, rules, and ordinances.
Alas, spring break was looming in just a few days, and attendance at the discussion section was so low that the instructor canceled the debate.
In the discussion section of our abstract, we explained that although further studies are certainly necessary, from our experience and taking into account that amiodarone, the most effective drug according to the literature, has many side effects that limit its usability, propafenone should be considered the drug of first choice for the maintenance of sinus rhythm, especially in patients with good left ventricular function, such as in patients with lone AF.
Similar results have been shown in data from New Zealand, Britain, and Europe (see the Discussion section of this study).
In the discussion section, the first item is item number twenty about reporting of interpretation of results taking into consideration the study hypotheses, sources of potential bias or imprecision and the dangers associated with multiplicity of analyses and outcomes.
I was told by fellow evangelicals that oftentimes when they tried to defend their faith in discussion section that they were accused of proselytizing and told to be more "tolerant" of their fellow students' views.