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Synonyms for discussant

one who participates in a conference

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a participant in a formal discussion

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Discussant: Paolo Pesenti, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Discussant: Luigi Zingales, Harvard University and NBER
David Hsu, University of Pennsylvania, and Edward Roberts and Charles Eesley, MIT, "Entrepreneurs from Technology-Based Universities: An Empirical First Look" Discussant: David Blanchflower, Dartmouth College and NBER
One of the discussants at the event, Folu Akintola of the Nigeria Immigration Service, lamented that victims are no longer being taken to Europe, but Asian countries where they are made to work long hours as maids, or they fall victims to organ harvesters.
"For me whenever my mouth is bitter, it is a sign that I am about to have malaria and if there is a feeling that I am about to vomit or that my stomach is not alright then it is clear to me that I have malaria" (Female discussant, urban area).
H3: The likelihood of maintaining a discussant is higher when this discussant is a relative and holds different political views.
Discussant: Mauricio Font, City University of New York.
The discussant's comments fall into two categories: (1) issues pertaining to the experimental design and (2) concerns about the research question.
Additionally, in each session, we had one participant acting as a discussant for the papers presented in the respective session.
Interviewers then asked a battery of questions about each discussant in the sequential order in which the discussants were named.
Chidi Odinkalu, one of Nigeria's eminent human rights advocates, scholar and activist, will be a lead discussant at the conference.
Anna Obizhaeva, University of Maryland, "Price Impact and Spread: Application of Bias-Free Estimation Methodology to Portfolio Transitions" Discussant: Charles Jones, Columbia University
Discussant: William Easterly, New York University and NBER