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the quality of being discursive

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The interest for "vocable" does not impose an exclusively discursive manner of relating to the urban realm, but as a postmodern interest in discursiveness and expression (these explaining the interest for "image", too).
A locus classicus in this debate is the G-Major Quartet, a work regularly critically marginalized for its alleged discursiveness and formal diffuseness.
Garbage and its gaseous emissions are more vernacular than air's windy discursiveness, although garbage may include exotic, even learned, bits and pieces.
It is clear from the vast quantity and lively discursiveness of scholarship on Milton that his work, and in particular his famous epic poem, has no fixed meaning and gives rise to no single line of interpretation.
Returning to the activist roots of women's studies, an activism that has been an issue of sheer survival for Native people, can replenish women's studies, save us from a privileging of abstract discursiveness that has left little room for "theory in the flesh.
Its discursiveness, the chronological chaos of it, are hardly to be described" (PR, xxxix).
Finally, ah approach based on historical sociology is made to reconstruct and analyze the socio-historical context in which his actions and the diverse moments in the construction of his discursiveness ate defined.
There is an intransigent, albeit brittle, energy to these texts, a posture of refusal to conform to any standardized version of the "novel form" as it dominates the fiction market today: no rollicking adventures a la Chabon, nor Franzenesque discursiveness, nor liberal humanist levelheadedness in the McEwan vein--to say nothing of the "world fiction" lists, stocked with translated epics of generational struggle, war-torn tragedies, and sentimental evocations of vanished village childhoods.
It was Ezra Pound--instrumental in revising the sprawling discursiveness of Eliot's original manuscript to The Waste Land--who drew a thick line through the phrase "Kingfisher weather" Such language was too abstract, too "symboliste.
Cooperativeness is a democratic virtue of its own, but also entails further virtues of inclusiveness, discursiveness and self-criticism.
This reworking of the national identity is possible mainly because Erica and Marc's courtship is characterized by its discursiveness.
The prevailing characteristics of the modern brief are discursiveness and prolixity.
Discursiveness, contradiction, and unintended consequences in successive downsizings.
For as Paul Zeleza (2003:1) intimates, globalisation in its discursiveness is "used by scholars, artists, politicians, businesspeople, and the media to refer to a wide range of complex and contradictory processes and phenomena characterizing contemporary history, it has become a powerful but malleable metaphor that accommodates widely divergent theoretical, empirical, and ideological paradigms, positions, and possibilities".