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Synonyms for discursive

Synonyms for discursive

Synonyms for discursive

proceeding to a conclusion by reason or argument rather than intuition


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(of e.g. speech and writing) tending to depart from the main point or cover a wide range of subjects

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Stating that education, language has also been used by colonial powers to control 'others', he said the people at the helm of the affairs should adopt a discursive approach for molding the minds of the people on positive lines.
The discursive location of journalism carries its social legitimization in reporting facts and, in addition, plants itself under an imaginary and credibility relation with its audience.
On such an endeavour, a critical discursive social psychological approach (Bozatzis & Dragonas 2013; Tuffin 2005; Wetherell 1998) was considered appropriate.
In their study of the mutually reinforcing relationship between representative symbolism, gender and political power, The Symbolic Representation of Gender: A Discursive Approach, Emanuela Lombardo and Petra Meier (2014) interrogate the meaning and function of the symbolic representation of gender and its relationship for the reproduction of political authority and power.
As a consequence, poetry became the realm of speech where deviation from the norms of discursive speech is constitutive, and, again as a consequence, deviation from the norms of everyday and discursive usage of language became the decisive criterion of poetics.
Esper and Hila"s research at the State University of Maringa, Maringa PR Brazil, represents a trend in the teaching and learning area, with important contributions in the studies on textual and discursive genres.
Chapters discuss theorizing the "self," family therapy as a potential disciplinary site for the practice of self research, a discursive approach to family therapy, a discursive approach to research, the methodology of self research, elements of practice: ADD, addictions and the DSM, self research: an illustration, and reflexivity: A critical analysis of self research.
I conclude that this discursive process is leading to the demise of Sydney's public housing estates.
If in language theory the notion of "norm" is now operational in particular due to Eugen Coserius 1952 Sistema, norma y habla, which defines, in the spirit of Louis Hjelmslev's conception, what is stable in speech by following previous models (Coseriu 1952), in connection with speech this notion is not yet visible and clear, although it goes without saying that this too is done in view of rules and the discursive diversification that occurs by updating differentiated norms.
The common element of contract might be seen as the existence of a special discursive commitment between the parties.
individuals engaged in" the relevant discursive activities, e.
The Australian members form a loose-knit but daily reinforced network of blogs that creates a discursive community.
Discursive activism can be defined as political speech, or speech that intervenes in hegemonic discourses, and that works at the level of language to change political cultures.
You will remember this lesson: when you see yourself entering--and, with you, the hope for a book--into a discursive space, you will not try to define what that space may be, nor why it may be called space, unless, at least, you wish to leave it in order to lose both your hope and yourself.